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3 May 2022, 16:22

Dove Cameron On Bad Kissers, Star Signs & Unreleased Lyrics

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"I realised people can be bad kissers? I've never had that experience before"

Dove Cameron has revealed what gives her the ick in relationships and honestly its so relatable.

2022 is already Dove Cameron's year. Back in January, Dove teased a snippet of the single 'Boyfriend' on TikTok. Within a week it had gone viral and had been used in hundreds of thousands of videos. It's gone on to become Dove's highest-charting single to date.

More recently, Dove made her Met Gala debut last night (May 2). Dove wore an Iris Van Herpen dress, which took a total of 600 hours to make and was inspired by cosmic structures of spiral nebulas. Obviously, she looked absolutely stunning.

Prior to the Met Gala, Dove sat down with PopBuzz host Cat Warner to share an update of her latest music, whether she would ever consider doing a Descendants reboot, as well as spilling a little bit of tea on what gives her the ick in a relationship.

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Dove Cameron Met Gala 2022
Dove Cameron Met Gala 2022. Picture: Getty

When asked about her icks, Dove replied: "You know, I hadn't actually like, experienced this until…not that long ago. I didn't really get what people were saying, because I've been really lucky in the past when I've dated people I've been, like, quite obsessed with them."

Not wanting to reveal the identity of her ex, Dove continued: "So I feel like...[long pause]... recently in the last year - I will say that so I don't acknowledge who this person was - I realised people can be bad kissers? I've never had that experience before."

And bad kissers aren't the only thing that Dove is ruling out in a potential partner. "I think that something that's quite an ick is when people don't have their own chill within themselves. Like, if I'm speaking to someone can tell that there's like some kind of weird agenda...[they're] sort of nervous around you in this way where they want it to go a specific way, I can always feel that. I’m like, 'Ooh no'."

She continued: "Even if someone and I are not similar, if they're like, chill as fuck and they're just like, ‘this is who I am, I know that we are diametrically opposed but this is who I am’, I will be best friends with that person. I don’t to have anything in common with them."

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