Doja Cat says she hates taking pictures and doing interviews

25 November 2021, 17:21

Doja Cat says she’s tired of having unnecessary obligations

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"I feel pressured to do that shit. I don't fucking want to do that. I want to be home. I want to make music. I want to play video games."

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Doja Cat has had enough of the obligations that come along with being a successful music artist.

The 'Kiss Me More' singer is at the top of her game right now. After releasing her iconic album Planet Her in June, Doja has been nominated for a number of awards. In fact, Doja is actually the most-nominated female artist at next year's Grammy Awards, alongside H.E.R., with eight nominations in total.

Despite her success, Doja has said that she isn't enjoying her work commitments. In an Instagram Live on Wednesday (Nov 24), Doja admitted that she had not made music just for fun in around five years. "In-between making all these songs for this album, I'm doing all this other shit. I'm doing all this shit that I don't fucking want to do. I don't wanna take fucking pictures," she explained.

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Doja Cat.
Doja Cat. Picture: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images For Balmain, @dojacat via Instagram

Doja then said that although she enjoys photoshoots and dressing up for red carpet events she would like to stay home. She added: "Sometimes I have to fucking do that shit. But no I don't. No I don't. I feel pressured to do that shit. I don't fucking want to do that. I want to be home. I want to make music. I want to play video games. I want to be doing this like complaining on Live. I want to complain about other shit."

She continued: "I don't want to do interviews. I don't want to have questions asked to me over and over again every other fucking day. And all those days that were taken from me that I could have been making shit or doing something productive. Answering questions for an outlet isn't productive to me. Fuck outta here. I hate it."

This wouldn't be the first time the pressures of the music industry have got to Doja, though. In a series of now-deleted tweets posted in October, Doja admitted that she was overworked and completely burnt out from her contractual obligations.

She tweeted: "I'm just tired and i don't want to do anything. I'm not happy. I'm done saying yes to motherfuckers cuz I can't even have a week to just chill. I'm never not working. I'm fucking tired."

"i wanna be alone. I just keep agreeing to shit i don't wanna do in the future. its my own dumb ass fault and then I'm too tired to put any effort into this shit cuz I'm so run down from everything else."

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