QUIZ: Only a true Big Time Rush fan can score 9/10 on this quiz

14 April 2021, 17:49

Big Time Rush reunite and tease comeback

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

How well do you actually know Carlos, James, Kendall and Logan?

Real ones know that Big Time Rush are one of the most iconic boybands of all time. Not only did they have their own smash hit TV show on Nickelodeon but they also released countless bops and bangers. 'Boyfriend', 'Music Sounds Better with U', 'Windows Down' - they don't make songs like this anymore. And now the boys have officially reunited.

How well do you remember Big Time Rush though? Did you watch every episode of the series? Do you know all of their hits off by heart? Are you the ultimate Big Time Rush fan? The only way to prove how much you love them is by taking this quiz. Score 9/10 or more and you're officially a Big Time Rush expert.

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