The best new songs from January 2019

31 January 2019, 17:10

Billie Eilish Bury A Friend video / Lauren Jauregui More Than That video
Billie Eilish Bury A Friend video / Lauren Jauregui More Than That video. Picture: Polydor / Sony
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

All the best new music in January including Billie Eilish's 'bury a friend', Ariana Grande's '7 Rings' and Bring Me The Horizon's 'medicate'.

Welcome to PopBuzz's new monthly music round up. Forget about New Music Friday. She's dead. Gone. Kaput. All you need now is us - and a roof over your head, stable employment and the love of friends and family.

We're rounding up all our favourite songs that we've been blasting at PopBuzz HQ, including Billie Eilish's stunning new single 'bury a friend' and our new obsession BMTH (yeah we know we're literally 13 years late to the party - more on that in a bit).

Got any suggestions for us? Hit us up @popbuzz. Don't be shy now.

1. Lizzo - 'Juice'

Lizzo - Juice (Official Video)

Helping Lizzo become the biggest pop star of 2019 was actually one of my New Years Resolutions but, in turns out, Lizzo doesn't need anyone's help when she writing songs as good as 'Juice'. Seeing her rise from having a small and dedicated fan base for years to playing the Ellen Degeneres show this week, Lizzo's come up feels just and right. And 'Juice' really is that bitch. - Woodrow Whyte

2. Bring Me The Horizon - 'medicine'

Bring Me The Horizon - medicine (Official Video)

Alright lads, I'm gonna be real with you... I never really 'got' BMTH. There were like a bus that always passed me at the bus stop but I never needed to take, or some other bollocks metaphor. That was until I stuck on amo this week and suddenly I'm willing to give them all money, offer up my family as sacrificial lambs and pray at the alter of Oliver Sykes. Amo is stacked full of bangers and we could have easily replaced 'medicine' with any song on the album. - WW

3. Billie Eilish - 'bury a friend'

Billie Eilish - bury a friend

Billie Eilish really is one of a kind. Everything she releases is fresh, exciting and intricately crafted. Not to mention, it sounds like no-one but her could sing it. ‘bury a friend’ is weird in the best way and with its pulsating bass-line it could very well be her biggest hit to date. - Sam Prance

4. Ariana Grande - '7 Rings'

Ariana Grande - 7 rings

7 rings’ slaps. From The Sound of Music sample to the trap breakdown in the middle eight, it is a certified banger and proof that Ariana Grande is fully owning her position as one of pop’s biggest stars right now. We’ve had this on repeat for two weeks straight and are still obsessed. - SP

5. King Princess - 'I Know' (feat. Fiona Apple)

In this house we stan King Princess and this cover of Fiona Apple's 'I Know' with the 90s icon herself is sending is just heavenly. When you listen to it, you literally ascend to a higher place. Try it. - WW

6. PUP - 'Kids'

PUP - KIDS (Official Music Video)

Endorsed by our lord and saviour Finn Wolfhard, Canadian punk rock band PUP have kick-started the campaign for their third album (Morbid Stuff - out April 5th) with 'Kids'. It's all thrashy guitars, anthemic chorus and the-world-is-so-fucked-but-at-least-I-have-you lyricism that gets us right in the feels. Expect this to be a festival favourite coming summertime. - WW

7. Gerard Way - 'Hazy Shade of Winter' (feat. Ray Toro)

Gerard Way - Hazy Shade of Winter (feat. Ray Toro) [Official Audio]

As if we weren't already excited enough about the imminent release of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, then they release a trailer with a new recording by Gerard Way (who wrote the comics on which the show is based). Does that mean we can expect more Gerard Way music on the show? On the basis on the quality of this cover of Simon & Garfunkel's “Hazy Shade of Winter”, we certainly hope so. - WW

8. Sigrid - 'Don't Feel Like Crying'

Sigrid - Don’t Feel Like Crying (Lyric Video)

After a couple of lacklustre singles (IMO) Sigrid is starting 2019 right with the release of her long-awaited debut album (Sucker Punch - coming March 8th) and the irrepressible new single 'Don't Feel Like Crying'. It has the euphoria of 'Don't Kill My Vibe' combined with the melancholy of 'Dynamite', and sits comfortably in the 'crying in the club' genre of pop bops. We stan. - WW

9. Sam Smith & Normani - 'Dancing With A Stranger'

Sam Smith, Normani - Dancing With A Stranger

Sam Smith and Normani are already coming through with a contender for collaboration of the year. Their voices compliment each other beautifully and the production and their delivery is hypnotising. Sam sounds better than ever and Normani proves that she is a superstar. - SP

10. Lauren Jauregui - 'More Than That'

Lauren Jauregui - More Than That (Official Video)

Lauren Jauregui kicks her solo career into first gear on her latest single ‘More Than That’. The song is a sultry, mid-tempo banger in which Lauren taunts an admirer. It’s feminist AF and if the rest of her debut album is anything like this, it could be one of the standout records of 2019. - SP