Bad Bunny fans are living for the bisexual representation in his 'Caro' video

24 January 2019, 15:12

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Bad Bunny's 'Caro’ video centres the LGBTQ+ community...

Bad Bunny is killing it right now. In the space of just three short years he's gone from being a promising young Latin trap star to one of the biggest artists in the world. From his high profile features ('Mayores' with Becky G, 'I Like That' with Cardi B) to his own major hits ('Krippy Kush', 'MIA'), it is hard to think of many artists at the moment who are as internationally booked and busy as Bad Bunny is.

It's not just his music that fans and critics love though. Ever since Bad Bunny first rose to fame, he's pushed against gender norms and called out gay slurs and homophobia at large in a way that so few men in music do today. Last night Bad Bunny shared the video for his new single 'Caro' and fans are praising it for starring queer people and even centring bisexual and gender-fluid narratives.

Watch the Caro music video below.

Caro - Bad Bunny ( Video Oficial )

'Caro' itself means expensive and the song is about realising your self-worth. Speaking to Genius, Bad Bunny said: "I do not know, your situation, your belief, who you are, your sexual orientation … The question is that we are all expensive, we are all valuable, and as I said: that value is not given to you by anyone, that value is given by yourself". And the music video sees him embrace that.

The visual opens with Bad Bunny getting his nails done in a pink mansion, watching a fashion show on a pink TV. He is then replaced with a female version of himself acted by 19-year-old model Jazmyne Joy. Bad Bunny reappears at the end of the video and they kiss. It's a beautiful nod to gender fluidity and a metaphor for Bad Bunny celebrating self-love and his own femininity.

Is Bad Bunny bisexual?

Fans praise the meaning behind Bad Bunny's 'Caro' video
Fans praise the meaning behind Bad Bunny's 'Caro' video. Picture: YouTube

Bad Bunny himself has never publicly put labels on his sexuality but some fans believe that he's using the video to come out as bisexual, primarily because of one of the scene when a man and a woman kiss him on the cheek. However, he could just be giving a nod to the bisexual community. He also centres Latinx queer people in the visual's fashion show.

And it's not just queer people who are represented in the music video. The fashion show in 'Caro' stars people of all shapes and sizes and disabled people. This kind of representation is so important because it helps normalise minorities that are so often left out of and ignored by mainstream media. Unsurprisingly fans are obsessed with it.

Here are just a few of the reactions.

What a man. What a video.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the 'Caro' video?