Ava Max sustains eye injury after being attacked during performance

21 June 2023, 11:36

Ava Max attacked on-stage during performance

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"He slapped me so hard that he scratched the inside of my eye."

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Days after Bebe Rexha was hit in the face by a 'fan' throwing a phone at her during a concert, a video of Ava Max being hit in the face by a stage invader has now gone viral.

Last night (June 20), Ava Max was performing at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles when a man managed to get on stage and slap her across the face mid-performance.

The video, captured by a fan in the crowd, shows the man approaching Ava while she's performing on stage before hitting her in the face with an open palm, hard enough to make her head jolt backwards. The man is then immediately apprehended by a security guard and dragged off stage.

Ava was facing the back of the stage when she was hit, and quickly turned back around to carry on performing for the crowd. She can be seen clutching her face briefly, thanking the crowd and then leaving the stage.

Taking to social media after the show, Ava shared that the man "slapped her so hard" that she ended up with an eye injury.

She wrote: "He slapped me so hard that he scratched the inside of my eye. He’s never coming to a show again 😡😡thank you to the fans for being spectacular tonight in LA though!!❤️"

The attack on Ava comes a few days after Bebe Rexha was also assaulted on stage after someone in the audience threw a phone at her head during a gig in New York City. She collapsed to the floor and was quickly rushed off stage.

Bebe ended up having to get stitches and now has a black eye as a result of the impact of the phone.

The man who threw the phone, Nicolas Malvagna, was arrested and now faces "two charges of assault, one charge of aggravated harassment, one charge of attempted assault and one charge of harassment". He's due to appear in court on July 31st.

No information about the man who hit Ava Max has been made public just yet. We will update this article as soon as we know more.

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