WATCH: Little Mix Reenact Hiring Harry Styles To Feature On 'Breathe'

16 November 2020, 08:31

Little Mix reenacted calling Harry Styles to feature on 'Breathe'

Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards pretended to call Harry Styles, after they jokingly 'confirmed' that he was featured on their hit 'Breathe'.

Mixers speculated that the 'Golden' singer, Harry Styles, was the voice shouting "Hey" at the beginning of Little Mix's 'Confetti' bop, 'Breathe'.

However, after Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards spoke to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, it looks like they might just be rumours.

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Little Mix joined Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp
Little Mix joined Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp. Picture: PA Images

"It isn't [Harry's voice on 'Breathe'], confirmed Perrie, before saying "We've seen [the rumour] everywhere, and we're like 'What?!'"

Perrie then jokingly said that they'll 'confirm' it is Harry Styles' voice on the song, if it "makes everyone happy".

She then went on to assume it was just one of their voice morphed, while Leigh-Anne questioned "Do you think we'd actually go to an old performance of - I don't know - Harry Styles?"

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Leigh-Anne then joined Roman Kemp and his spot-on impression to imagine what the phone call between the two of them would be like, as they asked him to appear on 'Breathe'.

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