Lady Gaga Responds To 'Wednesday' & It Turns Out She's A Big Fan Too

2 December 2022, 13:59

Lady Gaga loves Wednesday too
Lady Gaga loves Wednesday too. Picture: Netflix/Getty

By Savannah Roberts

Lady Gaga has seen Wednesday dancing to 'Bloody Mary' and she's a big fan, here's what she had to say.

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Wednesday has been a hot topic ever since it dropped on Netflix on November 23 to rave reviews, reigniting everyone's love for the Addams Family.

The dark comedy has quickly become a mega-success among streamers and has even found a fan in none other than Lady Gaga!

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Ever since its release, Wednesday has not only dominated Netflix but social media too, with fan edits of the series being posted all over TikTok.

A Lady Gaga song from way back in 2011, 'Bloody Mary', has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity as Wednesday viewers use the track in their edits of Jenna Ortega's iconic dance scene.

Jenna Ortega and Wednesday cast react to her dance scene

Lady Gaga has seen Netflix's Wednesday
Lady Gaga has seen Netflix's Wednesday. Picture: Netflix
Lady Gaga has gotten in on the Wednesday mania
Lady Gaga has gotten in on the Wednesday mania. Picture: Getty

'Bloody Mary', which is a non-single hailing from Gaga's sophomore album 'Born This Way', has become synonymous with Netflix's interpretations of The Addams Family franchise.

Despite never actually being used in the show's official soundtrack, so many viewers have been posting clips of Wednesday along with the song that fans can't help but associate the two – the videos have racked up millions of views on the short video platform!

Lady Gaga herself has caught wind of the Netflix show's connection to her revived track and responded to the 'Bloody Mary' dance trend.

Lady Gaga is a fan of Wednesday and Thing
Lady Gaga is a fan of Wednesday and Thing. Picture: Netflix

The official Twitter page for the character of Wednesday Addams first posted about the song taking TikTok my storm.

"I see you doing my dance moves to @LadyGaga’s Bloody Mary. I understand she is followed by little monsters. I approve," Wednesday's profile posted.

It didn't take long for the 'Bad Romance' singer to reply, she wrote: "Slay Wednesday! You’re welcome at Haus of Gaga anytime (and bring Thing with you, we love paws around here)."

Fans were quickly sent reeling by the encounter in the replies, with one user commenting: "I always knew Wednesday Addams was a Little Monster."

Even Netflix's account chimed in: "I'M SCREAMING (just how Wednesday likes it)."

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