Kim Kardashian's New Boyfriend Odell Beckham Jr Has Awkward Connection With Sister Khloe

19 February 2024, 14:39

Kim Kardashian's sister Khloé has a link to her new boyfriend Odell Beckham Jr
Kim Kardashian's sister Khloé has a link to her new boyfriend Odell Beckham Jr. Picture: Getty

By Tiasha Debray

It’s confirmed, Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend is Odell Beckham Junior but did Khloe Kardashian date him first? Here's what we know.

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Kim Kardashian and new boyfriend, Odell Beckham Jr. have been reportedly seeing one another since September last year, but their relationship was only confirmed roughly a month ago.

The athlete is the first relationship Kim’s dared to jump into since the very public rise and fall of her relationship with comedian and SNL star Pete Davidson.

But as everyone becomes very interested in this mum-of-fours new romance, fans of the Kardashians have discovered some rather awkward information - Khloe and Odell have also been rumoured to have dated!

Not his first rodeo flirting around the Kardashian family, Odell has been linked to little sister Khloe in the past - so does this make things awkward?

Here's everything we know from when Khloe and Odell were a thing, how serious they were and what Khloe has said about Kim's new beau.

Kim Kardashian has been linked to NFL star Odell Beckham Junior since September 2023
Kim Kardashian has been linked to NFL star Odell Beckham Junior since September 2023. Picture: Getty

When did Khloe Kardashian date Odell Beckham Jr?

While Kim and Odell are the 2024 dream team, the sports star was first linked to Kim’s younger sister Khloe years before she was ever in the picture.

Let’s cast our minds back to 2016, media outlets and fans alike had begun reportedly seeing Khloe and Odell out together in LA. The pair were then seen together at Drake’s Memorial Day pool party and naturally TMZ went sniffing around and managed to pap them looking very cosy with one another.

But that was pretty much the culmination of their relationship. Khloe and Odell were definitely into each other for a short amount of time, but it never amounted to anything.

What has Khloe Kardashian said about Kim's new boyfriend?

Being the best little sister that she is, True and Tatum's mum is said to have given Kim the all clear with her romance.

According to a Daily Mail insider, it was said: "Khloe has fully given Kim's blessing to go for it… It was nothing serious between Odell and Khloe, they had a few flirtatious moments. Khloe ultimately wants Kim to find someone and be happy.”

Odell Beckham Jr.  and Travis Kelce on the football field
Odell Beckham Jr is an athlete in the same field as Travis Kelce. Picture: Getty

What do we know about Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr's relationship so far?

Following on from some very public romances, Kim and Odell have tried their best to remain a top secret but the Superbowl 2024 officially gave way to their cover.

Snapped in Las Vegas together, following a few previous dates spotted by members of the public too, and everyone is now convinced they're a real item.

The Daily Mail then confirmed the pair were exclusive earlier this month, but Kim and Odell have been rumoured to be seeing each other since all the way back in February 2023.

A source told the publication that: “Kim has been romantically involved with Odell since last summer and thought she had managed to keep it under wraps. She is not seeing anyone else right now, at least not that her close friends know of.”

This same source said that both Kim and Odell were also trying to keep their relationship away from the public eye because Odell only split from his partner in September last year… yes that’s right, the same month he was rumoured to be ‘hanging’ out with Kim.

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