HRVY Tells Maisie Smith ‘Stop Flirting’ After She Spams His Topless Pictures With Comments

22 October 2020, 15:53

Maisie Smith and HRVY have been flirting on social media
Maisie Smith and HRVY have been flirting on social media. Picture: HRVY/Instagram / Maisie Smith/Instagram

Strictly Come Dancing co-stars HRVY and Maisie Smith are continuing their flirtatious banter on social media.

After beginning their Strictly Come Dancing journey as friendly rivals, Maisie Smith, 19, and HRVY’s relationship has reached a flirtatious new level.

EastEnders star Maisie has been leaving flirty comments on 21-year-old HRVY’s Instagram after he posted saucy photos of himself undressing during a photo shoot for his 2021 calendar.

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Telling fans the awks situation he found himself in while shooting the pics, he captioned the upload: “Fun fact: the window blinds were open and a whole office floor in another building stood and clapped as I got undressed (2021 calendar out now.”

Maisie continued to bombard HRVY's Instagram with comments
Maisie continued to bombard HRVY's Instagram with comments. Picture: HRVY/Instagram
Maisie compared HRVY to Justin Bieber
Maisie compared HRVY to Justin Bieber. Picture: HRVY/Instagram

Making light of her co-star’s smouldering shoot in the same way kids are mean to the person they fancy at school, Maisie commented: “Omg you just reminded me my spaghetti’s almost done!”

HRVY was quick to call her out, writing: “Stop flirting, you love spaghetti,” to which she commented back: “Prefer farfalle tbh.”

Maisie also shaded his caption, adding: “I think they were clapping cos they mistook u for 2009 JB [Justin Bieber].”

And she wasn’t done there.

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“The Rock been real quiet since u posted this,” Maisie added.

Maisie wasn’t the only Strictly star to try and wind him up though, as Gorka Marquez commented: “Do you want to borrow my set of dumbbells?”

We know they’re all joking but #LeaveHRVYAlone, are we right!?

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