How Much Money Does Taylor Swift Make Per Show?

4 March 2024, 10:45 | Updated: 4 March 2024, 10:59

Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour will run until October 2024
Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour will run until October 2024. Picture: Getty

By Tiasha Debray

She’s the biggest pop star in the world so we expected the figure to be high, but how much does Taylor Swift charge for her shows? And how much does she make per concert?

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Taylor Swift is without a doubt the biggest pop star on the planet right now. She’s made headlines across the globe as she’s travelled the world on her Eras Tour, wowing her audience with spectacular performances and dazzling outfits.

Her massive success has seen her cross the billionaire threshold in 2023, which is incredibly rare to do through just a music career. But it’s no surprise when you find out that through just ticket sales alone, her North American leg of the Eras Tour made over $700 million (£552 million) and that’s just what was reported in 2023.

But Taylor’s not done making bank yet, the queen knows her worth and it’s been reported that she was paid £14 million to perform in Singapore, exclusively during her tour.

Taylor Swift crossed the billionaire threshold in 2023
Taylor Swift crossed the billionaire threshold in 2023. Picture: Getty

Reportedly, the pop star was paid £2.3 million per show, for the six shows she will perform in Singapore in order to retain her from performing in the neighbouring countries in South East Asia.

You may be wondering why, but the answer is quite simple. Taylor’s arrival in any city around the world generates spending and increases value for the domestic economy.

By retaining exclusivity to Taylor’s Era’s Tour concert in that area of the world, Singapore’s guaranteed a mass influx of tourism to its country, as fans travels in to see her perform live. The amount of revenue the nation can make probably far exceeded Taylor’s mere £2.3 million fee per show.

Not a bad deal for both sides, but it’s a one-off situation, so that has us questioning, how much does Taylor make per concert?

Taylor Swift to release extended version of The Eras Tour

How much does Taylor Swift make per concert?

Taylor Swift makes approximately a jaw-dropping $13.6 million (£10.73 million) per concert she performs at, according to Forbes.

In 2023, the artist raked in over $700 million worth of ticket sales for just her North American sector of her world tour, so if you put on your maths hat and do the maths, the numbers keep rising and there’s almost too many zeros to count.

If Taylor makes $13.6 million per three hour show, then she’s making roughly $1, 260 (£994) per second she’s on stage.

With her World Eras Tour including 152 shows across five continents, she’s looking at over $2 billion (£1.58 billion) from ticket sales alone but that doesn’t even include merchandise, which is a HUGE part of Taylor’s fan culture.

According to the Washington Post, Taylor could reportedly make over $4.1 billion (£3.3 billion) by the end of her World Tour in 2024.

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