Has Rihanna Officially Retired From Music?

11 June 2024, 17:35

Has Rihanna quit music for good?
Has Rihanna quit music for good? Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Rihanna's fans have been begging her to release more music but the Fenty businesswoman has procrastinated a new album for so long, that fans are convinced Rihanna has retired from music. So has she? Here's what we know.

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Rihanna doing everything but releasing new music has become a little bit of a joke in her fandom. The 'Umbrella' singer has gone on to launch many business ventures, including her lingerie line Savage X Fenty, Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin and now even Fenty Hair - but she hasn't dropped an album since 'Anti' in 2016.

Recently the mum-of-two spoke about wanting to have more babies and all her fans had to say was essentially, 'get out of the bedroom and get in the studio!'.

After a long hiatus from music and performing, Rihanna shocked fans when she popped out in India to perform at a pre-wedding gala for the son of India's richest man, back in March 2024.

I mean if anything was going to tempt you out of music retirement, it's going to be a cheque from a billionaire, isn't it?

Fans did hope that this performance wasn't just a one-off and that it was the start of a RiRi resurgence, and for a while it looked that way but things are looking a little brighter.

Rihanna's last album was 'Anti' which came out in 2016
Rihanna's last album was 'Anti' which came out in 2016. Picture: Getty

Has Rihanna quit music?

In June 2024, Rihanna was spotted in New York City wearing a graphic t-shirt that read, "I'm retired", but she hasn't actually confirmed that she has quit music for good.

Now we know she's still 'work, work, work' working because she was seen in the shirt just days after she announced her new product line Fenty Hair, so of course fans saw this as a sign that she officially hung up her music hat.

However during her Fenty Hair launch party, Rihanna spoke to Entertainment Tonight and admitted, 'that was just a t-shirt'.

After joking that the t-shirt "triggered" her fans she said: "Clearly I'm here, clocked in."

Rihanna became a self made billionaire in 2022
Rihanna became a self made billionaire in 2022. Picture: Getty

And some of those "triggered" fans took to X when they saw the t-shirt to share their feelings, saying things like, "why does she hate us" and "oh we're never getting another album".

Some fans spoke about her huge net worth, saying, "If I were a billionaire I'd quit too", and that was quickly countered with a comment reading, "Everyone boycott fenty so she’s poor and has to drop an album PLEASE."

The rest of the t-shirt read, "This is as dressed up as I get". And it turns out it was just a silly t-shirt as she has now confirmed that she has "started" R9 - yeah, we're buzzing!

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