Can We Bring Back Harry Styles’ Iconic Stage Move Please?

30 July 2021, 15:36

Harry Styles has a signature stage move fans have dubbed 'the whale'
Harry Styles has a signature stage move fans have dubbed 'the whale'. Picture: Getty

By Misty Feldman

Harry Styles’ iconic ‘whale’ stage move is having a moment.

Harry Styles is set to kick off his US tour dates in September and fans are reminiscing one of his signature stage moves in preparation for his grand return to live music.

In a tweet that went viral about the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer – (when is there a day he hasn’t gone viral?) – Harry fans were obsessing all over again about the times he’s gone into whale mode on stage.

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“This should be written in history,” one fan accurately replied, as another said: “Bow down to our god.”

We see nothing but facts here.

Haz is known for breaking convention and it turns out spitting water into the air can be a thing of beauty.

#HarryWhaleChallenge is even its own hashtag on TikTok thanks to the epic photos, where fans attempt to spit their water in the same dramatic way as their idol.

The rockstar move definitely belongs to him and fans can’t wait to see more of it when his ‘Love on Tour’ launches in a couple of months!

The 27-year-old is about to have a wild few months, with his tour starting in September.

Harry Styles is heading on tour in September
Harry Styles is heading on tour in September. Picture: Getty

After a year and a half of cancellations fans can’t wait to see their idol back on the road.

However, fans outside of the States will have to wait a little longer to see the One Direction star IRL, as one fan summed up: “Cries in Canada.”

In the meantime, loving you’s the antidote, Haz.

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