Where To Get Your Own Version Of Harry Styles’ ‘Golden’ Necklace

28 October 2020, 12:21 | Updated: 28 October 2020, 13:13

Harry Styles' Golden necklace is in high demand online
Harry Styles' Golden necklace is in high demand online. Picture: Harry Styles/YouTube

Harry Styles is the king of handmade jewellery.

Harry Styles‘Golden’ music video is all anyone can talk about this week, from his care-free dancing to his iconic summery looks.

And ever the eagle-eyed fandom, Harry’s fans were quick to hunt down the necklace he wore in the scene of him dancing by the side of the road as the sun sets.

Harry Styles Wears Designer's Clothes In 'Golden' Music Video As They Have 'Pinch Me' Moment

The blue, white and yellow necklace has beads spelling out ‘Golden’, in a similar style to the friendship bracelets two of his biggest fans made for him earlier this year.

Harry Styles releases Golden music video teaser

The 'Senna' necklace is customisable
The 'Senna' necklace is customisable. Picture: Eliou Eliou

Constructed with freshwater pearls and with a floral design on every other bead, the creation is pretty much the ‘Golden’ video summed up.

The necklace is from Eliou Eliou and is the ‘Senna’ design, costing $85 (£65).

In fact, Harry wore designs from the brand the entire way through the video, teaming up with the creators to promote their jewellery and even having one necklace named after him.

Since Harry wore the jewellery in his latest vid the business has seen an influx of orders, with shipping dates having to be pushed back to mid-November.

The necklaces can be customised, but naturally everyone wants to match Mr Styles.

The 'Harry' necklace from Eliou Eliou
The 'Harry' necklace from Eliou Eliou. Picture: Eliou Eliou
Harry Styles' white shirt has also become an in-demand item
Harry Styles' white shirt has also become an in-demand item. Picture: Harry Styles/YouTube

Eliou Eliou is just one of the designers involved in the masterpieces that is the ‘Golden’ video, as Harry’s billowing white blouse became a moment in itself.

The singer's stylist, Harry Lambert, credited 'recent graduate Steven Stokey Daley' as providing many of the pieces for the video, and now, S.S. Daley is having a serious 'pinch me' moment at having millions of people see their designs.

The designer thanked Harry's stylist, Harry Lambert, for dressing the superstar in his designs as fans flood their Twitter page with congratulations and praise that Harry's looks were incredible- and we couldn't agree any more.

We're definitely not recovered from Harry in that white shirt, nor will we be for quite some time.

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