What's Harry Styles Doing At Gill's Lounge?

25 October 2022, 17:40 | Updated: 26 October 2022, 12:11

Why is Harry Styles promoting Gill's Lounge?
Why is Harry Styles promoting Gill's Lounge? Picture: Getty
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Harry Styles' website is teasing something to do with a restaurant called Gill's Lounge, but what? Here's everything we know so far.

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Harry Styles fans were sent into a tailspin after a very mysterious change was made to the musician's website, called YouAreHome.co.

The 28-year-old musician famously teased his third album, 'Harry's House', on the very same site and now its homepage seems to be hinting at something...

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Harry fan accounts began to theorise that an announcement from the 'Late Night Talking' singer could be imminent after tweets circulated showing that his website is promoting a restaurant – strange.

Under the famous arched doorway that appears on the screen of 'YouAreHome', a leaflet for 'Gill's Lounge' can be seen slipped under the door. When you click on the mysterious symbol the page then redirects you to the restaurant's menu on their website.

Harry Styles fans think they've uncovered plans for a small concert
Harry Styles fans think they've uncovered plans for a small concert. Picture: Getty

Of course, it didn't take long for Harries to flock to social media to try and deduce what this could possibly mean.

Many speculate that the mega-star could be performing an intimate gig hosted at the allusive lounge, however, there is no address listed on the business's website – the plot thickens!

Gill's Lounge's homepage does direct users toward their TikTok page, stating that it has "just launched" which online sleuths found to be suspicious.

When you scroll to the bottom of their site, a short statement reads: "Events: ONE-OF-A-KIND LIVE SHOW, DEBUTS THIS THURSDAY!"

Does this mean we're getting new Styles content on October 27? We hope so.

Harry Styles' website could be teasing a new event
Harry Styles' website could be teasing a new event. Picture: YouAreHome

A deeper dive into the website shows that the menu seems to be fish-themed, leading fans to guess that this could be an Easter egg referencing Harry's track, 'Music for a Sushi Restaurant'.

Others believe that this could be promotion for a new music video, as the star has only released two from his latest album thus far. Theories swirl on Twitter that point toward either a video for the aforementioned 'MFASR' or 'Daylight'.

Similarly, other users deduced from the hints that Harry could be live streaming a performance from the lounge for 'Harryween', we are fast approaching spooky season afterall!

What are your thoughts on all the Harry clues? We hope an announcement comes soon.

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