Harry Styles Is 'So Funny He Should Have His Own TV Show' Says BFF Stevie Nicks

14 October 2020, 15:20

Harry Styles's BFF Stevie Nicks says he should get his own TV show
Harry Styles's BFF Stevie Nicks says he should get his own TV show. Picture: Getty Images

Harry Styles's BFF and Fleetwood Mac legend, Stevie Nicks, has been telling British Vogue just how funny and talented he is, saying he should get his on TV show- and we are so, so here for it.

Harry Styles has been branded so hilarious and talented he should get his own TV show by his rockstar best friend, Stevie Nicks, in an interview with British Vogue, and it's the exact content we're living for.

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We all know how talented, stylish and caring Mr. Styles is, but something about having the 'Dreams' singer confirm it and speak so highly of the 26-year-old makes it all the more true!

Stevie, 72, told the publication: "He’s so talented, he is a really, really great artist, and he’s so funny."

"He could actually have a TV show, like James Corden or Johnny Carson."

"When you’re with Harry Styles, you’re not with a famous person, he’s just Harry."

We'll take the final statement with a pinch of a salt, as Stevie herself is hardly you're average Joe, she's literally one of the most famous and iconic musicians of our time!

Still, their friendship continues to be our favourite celeb pairing in the whole world, you need to get yourself someone who looks at Stevie the way Harry does when they perform.

The thought of Harry's own TV show gets us beyond excited- and hey, James Corden himself even asked the 'Adore You' singer to stand in for him on The Late Late Show while he was away in 2019 and he absolutely nailed the hosting gig!

On top of singing, songwriting and acting there honestly seems like nothing he can't try his hand at.

Harry and Stevie first met back in 2015 at a Fleetwood Mac concert when Haz and his sister, Gemma, both huge fans, went to see the legends in action.

Knowing it was her birthday, Harry took Stevie a cake- and this was the start of a long and amazing friendship!

As well as performing together on multiple occasions, Stevie asked Harry to induct her (for the second time) into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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