All The Show-Stealing Harry Styles Concert Moments: From Proposals To Baby Reveals

3 August 2022, 16:51 | Updated: 4 August 2022, 17:22

Some of Harry's best show-stopping concert moments...
Some of Harry's best show-stopping concert moments... Picture: Getty/Shutterstock
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Here are some of our favourite moments of Harry's unforgettable on-stage moments during his Love On Tour concerts...

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Harry Styles undoubtedly gives a show-stopping performance every single time he steps on the stage – but what about what happens in the crowd too?

By now we're sure you've heard all the stories of the heartwarming events that have unravelled at Harry's Love On Tour concerts (trust us, there are many).

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Here's a round-up of all the incredible moments from the 'As It Was' singer's shows, from the One Direction star helping fans to come out to their parents to people getting engaged – what can't happen at a Styles concert?

Harry Styles never fails to put on an incredible show
Harry Styles never fails to put on an incredible show. Picture: Getty

Harry Styles lends the mic to a fan so he can sing to his girlfriend

A surprise wedding proposal made the crowd going wild during Harry's Lisbon concert – and the video has been doing the rounds on TikTok.

Fan Carl took his beau Marianna to a Love On Tour show in Portugal and had a plan to propose to his girlfriend, unbeknownst to Harry and the lucky lady at the time.

The interaction began when Carl asked if he could borrow the pop star's microphone so he could sing two lines to his girlfriend.

Harry asked the arena what they thought, and of course, the swarm of Stylers had Carl's back! When he was given the microphone the fan turned to his partner and sang the romantic lyrics to Elvis Presley's 'Can't Help Falling in Love' before he got down on one knee and popped the question – and she said yes!

At the time of writing, the heartwarming clip has been seen a whopping 35.5 million times and has racked up 7.5 million likes, wow!

Harry has been having sweet interactions with fans during Love On Tour
Harry has been having sweet interactions with fans during Love On Tour. Picture: Getty

Harry helps a fan come out to their parents

During his sold-out Wembley Stadium run, Harry gave a two unforgettable performances! He also gave a fan a moment they'll never forget when he helped a Styler come out.

A concertgoer named Mattero travelled from Italy to get the chance to see Harry live, brining a sign with him that read, "From Ono to Wembley: Help me come out," – and of course he obliged!

"So you would like the people of Wembley to bring you out," the 'Late Night Talking' singer said, which was followed by an eruption of screams.

Harry grabbied a Pride flag and paraded it around the stage, instructing the 90,000-strong crowd to make some noise for Matteo.

"When this flag goes above my head, you're officially gay, my boy," the pop sensation professed.

Two Stylers get engaged at a Love On Tour show

Harry's slew of concerts really is aptly titled in the name of love! The 'Music For A Sushi Restaurant' musician has had multiple fans pop the question in his presence.

During one Love On Tour concert, Styles played Cupid once more and reacted to a crowd sign that said: "Convince my boyfriend to propose."

In the middle of performing 'Canyon Moon', the former One Direction star belted out, "Just propose Lucas!" – now that's one way to do it!

Harry always chats to fans in the audience during his concerts
Harry always chats to fans in the audience during his concerts. Picture: Getty

Harry reacts to audiences belting out 'leave America'

You've most likely come across a clip of fans screaming the lyrics "leave America" back to Harry during his live shows...

The first single from 'Harry's House' has spawned its own trend, with fans turning up the volume during a very specific line in his mega-hit, 'As It Was'.

The popular lyric in question comes from the satisfyingly snappy bridge from the lead single:

"Go home, get ahead, light-speed internet / I don’t wanna talk about the way that it was

Leave America, two kids follow her / I don’t wanna talk about who’s doin’ it first"

It's become somewhat of an inside among concertgoers as British fans scream the words back to the star in the hopes that he will leave the US and spend more time in his home across the pond.

In concert, Harry now points the mic to the crowd as he's very much aware that it's their favourite line...

Fans conduct a gender reveal party in the crowd

It seems that literally all of life's milestones have unravelled at a Harry Styles concert!

From fans coming out to getting engaged, it's all happened in the audiences during Love On Tour – fans have even done a baby gender reveal whilst watching the show!

Last year, the 'Harry's House' musician helped someone's wish come true when he responded to the fan-made sign: "I’m having a baby please make it your business… and open these gender results.”

During the Nashville show, he took a moment on stage to deliver the Stylers request, opening the envelope suspensefully before confidently revealing the results: "A little baby girl.”

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