Harry Styles Takes A BeReal On Fan's Phone Mid-Concert

16 September 2022, 14:01 | Updated: 16 September 2022, 14:15

It was time to BeReal at Harry Styles' concert
It was time to BeReal at Harry Styles' concert. Picture: Twitter/Getty
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Harry Styles took a BeReal photograph at his latest concert and fans are freaking out – here's what went down.

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Picture this: You go to a Love On Tour show, your BeReal notification goes off... and Harry Styles takes a selfie on your phone?

Well, that's exactly what happened to one very lucky concert-goer on Thursday night! The 'As It Was' singer has been putting on show after show as part of his Madison Square Garden residency, which runs until September 21st.

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Harry has no shortage of unforgettable on-stage moments, and this week was no different. As social media users in the audience got the notification that it was time to be real, one Styler let the man of the moment take the reigns.

Harry Styles, David Dawson and Emma Corrin take to the red carpet for the My Policeman world premiere

Harry Styles knows how to put on a show
Harry Styles knows how to put on a show. Picture: Getty

The One Direction star reached with an open hand to a fan in the front row and asked, 'What's this?" – which was of course met with bellows of screams and cheers from the 20,000-strong crowd.

Forever the performer he entertained the audience as the lucky crowd member got their phone ready to give Harry, he said: "I'll let social media shine!"

BeReal is a relatively new social media platform that began in 2020 but has been picking up steam in the past year, becoming Gen Z's latest obsession.

It's a photo-sharing application that allows users to post one unfiltered photo per day – making the app true to its ethos of being authentic. The platform sends a notification to every account holder simultaneously every day at an unpredictable time.

Harry grabbed the phone and grinned for the camera, even getting a shot of the fans in the background.

He playfully threw the phone back to the fans and delivered a pun: "It's real!"

The New York concert was somewhat of a BeReal multiverse, not only were we treated to the Harry on-stage moment but we got reaction photos from the crowd too!

Harry can be seen taking the photo from several angles during other fans' posts on the platform!

One audience member took to Twitter and wrote: "It’s time to BeReal at Harry’s house."

Another posted: "How the f*** we got every angle of this man taking the BeReal."

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