Demi Lovato Wrote A Letter To Her Late Father To ‘Release The Resentments’ She Had Toward Him

2 September 2020, 10:38

Demi Lovato wrote a letter to her late dad
Demi Lovato wrote a letter to her late dad. Picture: Getty

Demi Lovato has opened up about coping with her mental health struggles in a candid letter with Vogue.

Demi Lovato has detailed how her life has changed over the past six months, penning a letter in British Vogue about how her outlook has altered throughout lockdown and the ongoing pandemic.

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The newly-engaged pop star, who is set to marry boyfriend Max Ehrich, listed a number of ways this year has encouraged her to grow, including using her platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Demi Lovato also wrote how her fiancé has introduced her to daily calming habits
Demi Lovato also wrote how her fiancé has introduced her to daily calming habits. Picture: Demi Lovato/Instagram

Demi opened up about how she, like the rest of us, has been forced to ‘stop and think’ this year and this involved her writing her late father a letter to “release the resentments” she had toward him.

Speaking about losing a lot of people this year, Demi wrote: “There was the anniversary of my father’s death, which is a couple of days after Father’s Day — a really hard time of year for me. But this year, something happened. I wrote a gratitude letter to him, thanking him for all the things that I got from him.

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“It was this beautiful release of all the resentments I had towards him,” Demi added. “I realised, for the first time, that I wasn’t going to have daddy issues for the rest of my life. In short, 2020 has been a year of growth.”

The ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ songstress has opened up in the past about the relationship she had with her “abusive” dad and how he had struggles of his own, explaining during the video series of the making of her album ‘Confident’ that “he knew he wasn’t capable of raising a family, and it was because of his mental illness.”

In the letter Demi also wrote about how she was self-conscious about speaking out about racial and social injustice, writing: “After taking some time to educate myself, what I’ve learned is that to be a good ally, you need to be willing to protect people at all costs.

Demi Lovato said she's also using her platform to speak out on social injustice
Demi Lovato said she's also using her platform to speak out on social injustice. Picture: Demi Lovato/Instagram

“You have to step in if you see something happening that’s not right: a racist act, a racist comment, a racist joke. And it’s not just with Black Lives Matter. It’s also with the Me Too movement. Finally, the world is waking up and it’s beautiful to witness.”

Demi is set to marry boyfriend of seven months Max Ehrich, and she revealed his positive daily habits such as yoga and meditation have helped ease her anxieties throughout lockdown.

Fans are thrilled to see Demi in a happy and healthy place.

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