Curtis Pritchard ‘Feels Betrayed’ By Ex Maura Higgins And Chris Taylor

30 November 2020, 10:34

Curtis Pritchard says he feels 'betrayed' by ex Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor
Curtis Pritchard says he feels 'betrayed' by ex Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor. Picture: Curtis Pritchard/Instagram / Getty

Curtis Pritchard has hit out at ex-girlfriend Maura Higgins’ new relationship with their Love Island co-star Chris Taylor.

Maura Higgins and Love Island bestie Chris Taylor delighted fans and villa co-stars when they went public with their new relationship, but the Irish beauty’s ex Curtis Pritchard says he feels ‘stabbed in the back.’

While on holiday in Dubai Maura and Chris announced they’re officially together after becoming best friends over the past year.

Love Island's Maura Higgins & Chris Taylor Confirm Relationship After 'Falling In Love With Best Friend'

But Maura’s ex Curtis, who she met in the villa and dated until March this year, says he feels “betrayed” by them both.

Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard dated for seven months
Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard dated for seven months. Picture: Getty

Speaking to the tabloids, the professional dancer said: “I feel betrayed by them both —  two people I was very close to.

“When I saw the pictures, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel hurt. I was upset. How long has this truly been going on for?

“At the time I was accused of cheating, but I never did. I was always faithful to Maura.

“If you look back on everything — and I am looking back on it now — I’m like, ‘Curtis, all the signs were bloomin’ there, why didn’t you realise then?’ You just don’t when you are in that situation. You trust what they say. Now her true colours are shown. They said they would never ever be together, and here they are.”

Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor confirmed they're dating
Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor confirmed they're dating. Picture: Maura Higgins/Instagram

Curtis and Maura got together on Love Island, after he dumped Amy Hart.

They left the villa seemingly loved up after having reached the final but cracks began to show at the start of 2020 as they pursued different TV ventures, with Maura on Dancing on Ice and Curtis on The Greatest Dancer.

The couple split in March, seven months after meeting.

Curtis is now questioning when Maura and Chris got together, adding to the paper: “I was accused of cheating on Maura by someone online but when that happened, Maura was in a club with Chris. He was pouring drinks into her mouth, and Maura’s pouring drinks into Chris’s mouth — and they were staying together too at times like that.

“I got all of the stick at the time, that’s why I never spoke about it. But really I should have confronted her and spoken about it, but I never did – until now.”

Curtis is about to take part in Celebs Go Dating but wishes Maura well with her new relationship.

He added: “If it came from the sort of beginnings which I think it did, I hope it lasts. Otherwise it’s a real shame to have caused so much hurt.”

Maura and Chris have been in Dubai throughout lockdown 2.0, choosing to go public with their new romance while away from the spotlight.

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