Dani Dyer Warned To 'Steer Clear' Of Sammy Kimmence By Her Parents After She's Pictured Kissing Her Ex

24 April 2019, 09:51 | Updated: 24 April 2019, 09:52

Dani Dyer's parents had a stern word with her
Dani Dyer's parents had a stern word with her. Picture: Getty / Instagram

Dani Dyer’s parents are said to be furious with their daughter, after she was pictured passionately kissing her ex boyfriend.

Love Island 2018 winner Dani Dyer reportedly received a stern warning from her parents after she was seen kissing her ex Sammy Kimmence three weeks after her split from Jack Fincham.

Joanne Mas and Danny Dyer have apparently told their daughter to “steer clear” of her stockbroker ex after they were seen all over each other outside of a pub over the Easter weekend.

Jack Fincham Brutally Hints Split From Dani Dyer Was ‘Lucky Escape’ After She’s Pictured Kissing Her Ex

Dani Dyer's parents have told her to 'steer clear' of her ex boyfriend
Dani Dyer's parents have told her to 'steer clear' of her ex boyfriend. Picture: Getty

A source told the tabloids: “He’s [Sammy] messed Dani around before and after seeing those pictures of them snogging outside an Essex club, it’s reminded those close to her that she needs to get rid.”

Dani’s parents are said to have since had a word with her, asking her what’s really going on between her and her ex.

The source added: “She’s a smart girl but she knows that going on a boozy night out with her ex and snogging his face off in public was a bad move. After she got a bump back down to earth from the people who cared about her, she’s promised to distance herself form him.”

After the photos of Dani with her ex emerged, her ex Jack stayed silent on social media but he did hint he “had a lucky escape” by ‘liking’ a tweet from one of his followers.

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