Black Pound Day 2020: What Is It And How To Support Black-Owned Businesses

1 October 2020, 15:48

Black Pound Day UK is set to be a monthly initiative
Black Pound Day UK is set to be a monthly initiative. Picture:

When Is Black Pound Day in the UK? The Black Lives Matter movement inspired a new day - here's what it's all about and how you can show your support.

Alongside the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, Black Pound Day marks a very important step in the Black community.

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As of June 2020, Black Pound Day will be celebrated once a month, every month.

But what is it and how can I support Black-owned businesses?

What is Black Pound Day?

Black Pound Day is marked on the first Saturday of the month, every month.

The campaign has been set-up for people across the UK to support and invest in Black-Owned businesses for the day, with the description reading: "We will replace our normal purchases with Black-owned businesses, where possible for one full day.”

It was created by Swiss, a musician from the UK hip hop and garage group So Solid Crew, in response to the tragic killing of George Floyd, which sparked worldwide BLM protests.

The organisation’s website reads: "[Swiss’] idea hopes to underpin our long-term financial growth and infrastructure, empowering and motivating the Black community.

"The day is also an opportunity to find out how everyone can support Black businesses over the long-term. So don't forget to share brands that you love, businesses that you can't live without, and make sure to hashtag #BlackPoundDay.”

When is Black Pound Day?

Saturday, June 27, saw the first-ever Black Pound Day in the UK, and it continues to be celebrated every month on the first Saturday.

This month, it falls on 3 October and in November it will be marked on Saturday the 7th.

So Solid Crew's Swiss created the organisation
So Solid Crew's Swiss created the organisation. Picture: Instagram

How can I support Black-owned businesses on Black Pound Day?

Black Pound Day encourages people to support Black-owned businesses
Black Pound Day encourages people to support Black-owned businesses. Picture:

If you visit the official website, you can go to the ‘shop’ tab, where you can search what type of item/service you’re looking to purchase and where you’re based.

It will then give you a list of Black-owned businesses in your area that are selling what you'd like to purchase.

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