Billie Eilish Opens Up To Stormzy About Social Media Struggle

9 September 2021, 12:15 | Updated: 9 September 2021, 12:39

Billie Eilish and Stormzy talk about fame and anxiety
Billie Eilish and Stormzy talk about fame and anxiety. Picture: Billie Eilish/Instagram/Alamy
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Billie Eilish and Stormzy chat about how fame and the media have impacted their lives – here are the main takeaways from their most recent interview.

Billie Eilish got super candid with Stormzy in her latest magazine interview.

The talented pair were transparent about their struggles with success, social media and failure and spilt the tea on how the limelight affects their career and personal lives.

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Here's what the musicians had to say....

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Billie Eilish openly talks about her struggles
Billie Eilish openly talks about her struggles. Picture: Billie Eilish/Instagram

The industry powerhouses sat down for a chat as part of an interview with iD Magazine in celebration of Billie's sophomore record, 'Happier Than Ever'.

Stormzy, 28, and Billie, 19, chatted about what success meant to them, the rapper kicked off the conversation: "How I define success has changed."

He continued: "A lot of people think success is something you have to sacrifice time for, that success is being busy and having no time to see any one or do anything, but I want to spend time with my nephews, with my mum. I want to have a week to relax."

The 'Lost Cause' songstress shared the sentiment, responding: "Success is internal. It has nothing to do with anyone but yourself. Joy and love for yourself."

We love to see this example of self-love from the role-models!

Stormzy interviewed Billie Eilish about struggles with fame
Stormzy interviewed Billie Eilish about struggles with fame. Picture: Getty

And with topics of success, comes failure. At such a tender age, Billie has been subject to intense media attention and she got candid about how being in the limelight can make her feel hyper-critical.

"I’ve felt like a failure a lot in my life. And it’s really easy to feel like a failure when so many people are looking at you and telling you you are one."

She opened up to the 'Own It' musician, saying: "It can be hard not to believe them. I grew up with the internet.

"I use social media for the same reasons everyone else does, and you come across these videos saying you’re ugly and you suck and you’re terrible and that makes me feel like a failure."

Stormzy quizzed the pop prodigy on growing up in the age of social media, Eilish revealed: "I like the internet. I like memes and sh*t like that. But no matter what I do, I can’t avoid myself.

"I’m everywhere. I feel sorry for all the people who hate me because they can’t avoid me either."

The "NDA" and "Audacity" artists covered some heavy topics but ended the interview on a note of appreciation and a promise to "link up" when they're both in London.

These two are our new favourite celeb pals!

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