Bella Poarch Interview: 5 Things We Learnt From The TikTok Queen’s First Q&A

18 June 2021, 17:29 | Updated: 18 June 2021, 17:32

Bella Poarch shared a side of her life fans haven't seen
Bella Poarch shared a side of her life fans haven't seen. Picture: Bella Poarch/Instagram
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Bella Poarch gave her very first interview this week – and her 74 million TikTok followers got to know her at a level they never expected.

Bella Poarch opened up on her career, upbringing and personal life in her first interview.

The TikTok star, 24, has just embarked on a solo artist career, releasing her debut single ‘Build a B***h’, and after its release she sat down with H3 Podcast to share a side of her fans haven’t seen before, talking about her family life and strict upbringing.

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Here’s five things we learnt from Bella as she branches out of her TikTok fame…

Bella Poarch has over 73 million TikTok followers
Bella Poarch has over 73 million TikTok followers. Picture: Bella Poarch/Instagram

Bella opened up on her family life in The Philippines for the first time

Bella lived in The Philippines until she was 14, where her family had a farm because her stepdad “loved animals.”

“I’d have to wake up sometimes at 4am,” she recalled. “Sweeping the yard… cleaning up.”

The star was adopted when she three years old, after living with her grandma “in the slums” when she was a baby.

She said until she moved to the US, she didn’t realise her home life was abusive, revealing her step dad would physically hurt her and deprive her of breakfast if she didn’t complete her chores.

Bella joined the navy at 17

The TikTok star said she “found freedom” when she joined the navy.

She said: “I just remember everyone at bootcamp crying because they missed their mum and dad and I was like, ‘what? This is the best thing ever.’”

While there, she joined part of a musical group to perform at the graduation ceremonies.

“Six days of the week we go through rough training and on the seventh day we’d get to practice for bootcamp graduation,” Bella recalled. “I was really really happy.”

Bella thought she had a boyfriend at 17

Bella Poarch opened up about her childhood in The Philippines
Bella Poarch opened up about her childhood in The Philippines. Picture: Bella Poarch/Instagram

In the most adorable tale of young love, Bella recalled going on her first date with a boy from ‘A' School in Florida, where pupils are taught about aircraft.

“I’d bought my first phone, that’s when I started meeting new people. And there was this one guy who got my number and we went out on a date.

“We ate at this fancy seafood place and after that he said, ‘ok, I’ll text you tomorrow, i’ll see you.’ And the next day he didn’t text me back, so I went crying to my roommate like, ‘I think my boyfriend broke up with me’.

“And she was like, ‘We’ve only been here for a week… he didn’t even ask you if you could be his girlfriend’. And I was like oh, because in The Philippines it’s different, if you’re out seen on date that means you’re together.”

Bella’s first TikTok is the most-liked video

Bella was living in Maui when she downloaded TikTok after being bombarded with videos by her friends.

Her first video lip-syncing ‘M to the B’ is the most-liked video on TikTok.

She started making videos herself in March 2020, taking down the very first one she uploaded after it had ‘100 views and three comments’.

After her videos started to go viral – something she said she manifested after downloading the app – she moved to LA and made it her full-time job.

Bella Poarch has naturally curly hair

Bella Poarch's natural hair is curly
Bella Poarch's natural hair is curly. Picture: Bella Poarch/Instagram

It’s something fans never get to see, due to Bella’s iconic bunches hairstyle, but her natural hair is actually curly.

“The standards [in The Phillipines] are really pale skin and straight hair, so I got bullied because of my curly hair,” she said.

“Me putting on the pigtails everyday is so much easier,” Bella added.

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