Barry Keoghan Fans Think He "Manifested" Dating Sabrina Carpenter After Old Posts Resurface

3 July 2024, 11:39

Barry Keoghan Fans Think He "Manifested" Dating Sabrina Carpenter After Old Posts Resurface
Barry Keoghan Fans Think He "Manifested" Dating Sabrina Carpenter After Old Posts Resurface. Picture: Kevin Mazur/MG24/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue, Dave Benett/VF24/WireImage for Vanity Fair
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Barry Keoghan was tweeting about 'Espresso' and 'Please Please Please' long before dating Sabrina Carpenter.

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Obsessed with Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan? Well, it looks like Barry's old tweets "manifested" their relationship.

Ever since reports first surfaced that Sabrina and Barry were dating each other, fans haven't been able to get enough of their romance. From Barry supporting Sabrina at her shows, to Sabrina using Barry as inspiration for her 'Nonsense' outros, they're Hollywood's new 'It' couple. They even play lovers in Sabrina's 'Please Please Please' video.

Barry and Sabrina only started seeing each other last year but now fans have discovered some historic Barry tweets that suggest their relationship was always meant to be. Seriously, it's pretty incredible how applicable they are to Sabrina.

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On Monday (Jul 1), a Sabrina Carpenter fan tweeted, "this is crazy", alongside screenshots of two old Barry Keoghan tweets that are still live on X/Twitter today. In the tweets, Barry lowkey makes references to Sabrina's songs 'Espresso' and 'Please Please Please' but both tweets were written almost a decade before either song came out.

In the first tweet that was posted back in November 2014, Barry writes: "this time last year I told you I would that I would be an Espresso Addict. Show Martin @DavidMillarFilm @sbaigcasting." An 'Espresso' addict? And now Sabrina has written a song called 'Espresso' that's about Barry being addicted to her like espresso?!

Then, in the second tweet from July 2013, Barry writes: "Can someone Please please Please lend me The Sopranos.." Now, "please please please" may be a common phrase but Sabrina also having a hit song called 'Please Please Please'? That's pretty wild.

The fan post has now been liked over 55,000 times with 1.3 million views. Naturally, fans of Sabrina and Barry are losing it.

One fan wrote: "he manifested her omg." Another posted: "i refuse to believe that this was a coincidence."

Whether or not Sabrina was aware of these tweets when she wrote 'Espresso' and 'Please Please Please' is unclear but all signs suggest that this relationship was written in the stars.

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