Ashley Park And Paul Forman From Emily In Paris Are Dating! All Your Relationship Questions Answered

26 January 2024, 13:02

Paul Forman and Ashley Park are together IRL
Paul Forman and Ashley Park are together IRL. Picture: Getty

By Kathryn Knight

Emily in Paris co-stars Ashley Park and Paul Forman have revealed they’re in a relationship! Here’s how long they’ve been dating and all the other burning questions you have around their surprise romance.

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The Emily In Paris cast are keeping our hearts full until we wait for news on series four, dropping an announcement none of us were expecting – Ashley Park, who plays Mindy, and Paul Forman, who plays businessman Nicolas, are in a relationship.

In fact, Ashley, 32, and Paul, 29, have been dating for a whole year without any of us realising! Bravo, cuties.

After sharing a health update on Instagram, revealing she was in hospital over the New Year with septic shock after contracting tonsillitis, Ashley revealed her new boyfriend Paul as she thanked him for staying ‘unconditionally’ by my side.

We’ve answered all your burning questions on their relationship, including who Paul plays on Emily in Paris just in case you need a refresher.

Ashley Park raves about Emily in Paris co-star as he takes care of her in hospital

Are Paul Forman and Ashley Park together?

Paul and Ashely from Emily in Paris are in a relationship! Ashley first revealed they’re together when she revealed she’d been in hospital over Christmas and New Year at the end of 2023.

She said of her supportive beau: “Grateful most of all to @peforman for being unconditionally by my side through all this. You calmed my fears and held me through ambulances, three foreign hospitals, a week in the ICU, scary ERs, countless scans and tests and injections, excruciating pain, and so much confusion all while we were alone on the other side of the world far from those we know. I love you Paul. More than I can ever say.”

Paul Forman plays Nicolas on Emily in Paris
Paul Forman plays Nicolas on Emily in Paris. Picture: Netflix

How long have Ashley Park and Paul Forman been dating?

Ashley and Paul have been dating since January 2023! Ashley posted on Instagram to share two photos of them together a year ago, one of him pushing her in a wheelchair after she sprained her ankle at Beyoncé’s Dubai concert and a black-and-white snap of them kissing.

She captioned it: “A year ago from today @peforman annual January heroism.”

Paul sweetly commented on her upload: “The only heroism comes from having you by my side.”

What is Paul Forman’s character in Emily in Paris?

Paul plays Nicolas de Leon on Netflix series Emily in Paris, a wealthy executive of his family’s high powered business and IRL girlfriend Ashley (Mindy’s) on-screen love interest in season three.

The firm Nicolas oversees, a competitor of the agency Emily works for, Agence Grateau, bought the Pierre Cadault brand in the last series.

Off-screen Paul describes himself as ‘the Frenchest Englishman’, being both British and French although he lives in London working as a model as well as an actor.

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