What Is Ariana Grande's Song 'Fantasize' And Is It On 'Eternal Sunshine'?

27 February 2024, 17:23 | Updated: 8 March 2024, 10:56

Has Ariana Grande got a song called 'Fantasize'?
Has Ariana Grande got a song called 'Fantasize'? Picture: Instagram and YouTube: Zach Sang Show

By Abbie Reynolds

What is Ariana Grande's song 'Fantasize' and is it on her new album 'Eternal Sunshine'? Here's everything we know.

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Before Ariana Grande's seventh studio album 'Eternal Sunshine' dropped on March 8th she treated her fans to a rare full length interview with her long-time industry friend and podcaster Zach Sang.

In the Zach Sang Show interview, Ari got into some of the tea surrounding leaked music of hers, in particular the song 'Fantasize'. After telling the leakers that she'll 'see them in court' she got into why she finds it so frustrating that the music had been leaked.

The 'yes, and?' singer also opened up about how much landing her role as Glinda the Good Witch in the upcoming movie musical Wicked helped her through her return to music.

While discussing the time she spent in the studio recording the new album, Ariana explained that the leaked song 'Fantasize' was never intended for her but after the leak she ended up reworking it and now we can expect it on the new album.

Here's everything Ari's said about the song.

Ariana Grande explained how 'Fantasize' has made it onto the new album
Ariana Grande explained how 'Fantasize' has made it onto the new album. Picture: YouTube: Zach Sang Show

What Is Ariana Grande's Song 'Fantasize'?

The song 'Fantasize' is a song Ariana Grande wrote for a TV show, although she hasn't said what show she did reveal that it was meant to be "a parody of a nineties girl group".

The demo which was created for a show somehow ended up online and subsequently went viral on TikTok. To the people who leaked it the singer says you are "thieves, pirates, crooks, illegal" - the frustration is real!

In an interview with Zach Sang the 'Positions' singer said: "Before I left for Wicked, the few studio sessions that I did, which are all over TikTok, thank you so much," she said talking to the leakers, "I'll see you in jail, literally,

"The thing is that those were all written for a TV show for something that was not for me, so 'Fantasize' comes out, comes out is crazy, [it] was stolen," the star went on.

Ariana Grande has described her new album as 'Human Ari' and not 'Pop Ari'
Ariana Grande has described her new album as 'Human Ari' and not 'Pop Ari'. Picture: Getty

Ariana disclosed that she never wanted the song in the public domain for the sole reason that it wasn't for her. She explained: "Well that wasn't my song, it wasn't for me.

"It was like a parody of a nineties girl group vibe and they [her fans] loved it. I was like a) all of you are absolute hypocrites and b) that's crazy [because] it's so corny."

Is the song 'Fantasize' on Ariana Grande's new album 'Eternal Sunshine'?

Yep, Ariana has managed to take the negative and turn it into a positive as she revealed that she has reworked the leaked song and updated it into something new for the album 'Eternal Sunshine'. She says a version of the song "exists" but it's much different to the leaked versions online, it also has a completely new title.

In her interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music Ariana revealed that the song 'the boy is mine' from the new album is an "extension" of 'Fantasize'.

When speaking to Zach Sang, the singer and actress had said: "I took the note and I kind of gave them an honest version of that on the album. So some of those seedling ideas from that time actually made their way onto the album but they are completely different now.

"So, although you've heard them - because you stole them, again - they are very different now." You tell them girl.

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Why isn't 'Fantasize' on Spotify?

Ariana Grande's song 'Fantasize' isn't available on any streaming platforms because it isn't a song she wrote for herself. A new version of the song is on 'Eternal Sunshine' but you won't find 'Fantasize' on the track list because the reworked track is called 'the boy is mine'.

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