Anyone But You's Glen Powell Reveals Secret Of Off-Screen Chemistry With Sydney Sweeney

29 December 2023, 15:24 | Updated: 29 December 2023, 16:04

Glen Powell says he found it 'hard' to lean into his chemistry with Sydney Sweeney
Glen Powell says he found it 'hard' to lean into his chemistry with Sydney Sweeney. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

Glen Powell said he found it 'harder' to lean into off screen chemistry with Sydney Sweeney after filming 'Anyone But You', here's why...

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During filming, Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney sparked dating rumours with behind the scenes videos of them on set for their new rom-com Anyone But You.

Quickly after the rumours surfaced Sydney shut them down, telling Good Weekend that it was only 'acting'. But during the film's promotional tour fans noticed the pair getting close again. This turned out to be a ploy to get us falling in love with Ben and Bea before we even saw the film.

In conversation with Business Insider, Glen credited Sydney for this publicity stunt, saying he couldn't of come up with it but "she's very smart".

He said: "I'll pretty much give Sydney all the credit for this. I don't have the mental capacity to pull anything like this off."

Carrying on, he shut down any dating rumours, saying: "Sydney and I do have authentic chemistry. I had such a wonderful journey with her on this thing. But in terms of actual dating and actually being together? [Laughs.]"

The Top Gun: Maverick actor went on to say that leaning into their natural chemistry whilst on Anyone But You's promotional tour was actually harder for him than it was for Sydney. Here's why he thinks so...

Glen said he and Sydney have "authentic chemistry"
Glen said he and Sydney have "authentic chemistry". Picture: Getty

Glen opened up about the difficulties he faced whilst promoting Anyone But You, saying: "The only reason it made things harder for me to lean into that stuff was that I was going through a very real breakup amidst a promotional tour."

"I was with someone that I really loved and cared about and was trying to kind of make sense of a lot of stuff," he said referencing his split from his ex-fiancée Gigi Paris who he had been with for three years.

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He noted that Sydney's current relationship with her fiancé Jonathan Davino meant she found playing the part a lot easier.

"It was a lot easier for Sydney to lean into something like that because she's in a very committed and wonderful relationship and she's very happy," Glen insisted, "So it was a little harder for me."

Anyone But You is currently out in cinemas worldwide.

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