Who Is Harry Styles’ Tour Support Act Swim Deep? Four Things You Need To Know About The Indie Rock Band

27 February 2020, 16:22 | Updated: 27 February 2020, 16:26

Swin Deep is supporting Harry Styles on Love on Tour
Swin Deep is supporting Harry Styles on Love on Tour. Picture: Swim Deep/Instagram / Harry Styles/Instagram

Swim Deep is supporting Harry Styles on his tour this year.

Harry Styles announced Swim Deep as one of his support acts on ‘Love on Tour’, as well as Joy Crookes and King Princess.

If you don’t know much about the indie rock band joining the ‘Adore You’ singer on his 2020 tour, here are four facts you’ll want to know about the group…

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The members of Swim Deep

Swim Deep is made up of; Thomas Fiquet on drums, Robbie Wood, guitarist, Cav McCarthy, bassist, and James Balmont, on keyboards.

Austin Williams, the frontman of the band, is also a guitarist.

Their third album is named after a pub

Their album ‘Emerald Classics’, released in October 2019, is named after a pub in Birmingham which Cav “grew up in as a kid.”

They told NME the idea of the record was like it was The Emerald’s jukebox, full of singalong moments.

Two of the members are former models

After former members Zack Robinson (drummer) and Tom Higgins (guitar) quit in 2018, the group took on Tom Fiquet and Robbie Wood. Cav adds in his NME interview he met Robbie through their previous careers as fashion models.

He said: “This is quite embarrassing. We’d done a few [fashion] shows together in Paris and then we spent two weeks together in L.A.

“We’d done a few [fashion] shows together in Paris and then we spent two weeks together in LA. I always knew I wanted him for something. One night we were at a house party and he was just playing Bowie songs for about two hours…

“I was quite nervous to ask him [to join the band] cos he’s got such good taste.”

Forrest Gump holds inspiration behind their album ‘Emerald Classics’

Austin told Wonderland magazine he felt inspired for ‘Emerald Classics’ after watching Forrest Gump.

He explained: “I just got so inspired by everything that he did. It made me cry so much. I know about that film so much and I’ve seen it so many times, but this time I watched it and it really had a massive impact on me.

“I just thought that’s incredible that he’s easily done so much, in a way it really makes you feel like it’s easy to do anything, and I think that’s what I feel like great music is good for as well.”

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