Kelly Clarkson Christmas Songs And Albums You Need To Listen To This December

6 December 2023, 14:34 | Updated: 13 December 2023, 17:36

Kelly Clarkson at the Rockerfella Center in New York
Kelly Clarkson loves Christmas and has the music to prove it. Picture: Alamy

Does Kelly Clarkson have a Christmas album? And what songs did she write? Here's everything you need to know about her favourite time of year.

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Christmas music is one of the best things about this time of year and Kelly Clarkson herself plays a huge role in that thanks to her festive tunes.

A huge fan of the holiday season, the American Idol winner not only has a number of Christmas songs to her name, but also albums! She's also quite fond of a Christmas special every year too.

So seeing as it's the time of year to play all our favourite merry hits from our best pop stars, we thought it was only right that we took a closer look at Kelly's contribution to December music.

Here's everything you need to know including what Christmas songs she has, her Christmas album and much more.

Kelly Clarkson singing at the Rockerfella Center in New York
Kelly Clarkson often holds Christmas specials to celebrate this time of year. Picture: Alamy

What Christmas songs does Kelly Clarkson have?

Close to Mariah Carey's Mrs Christmas status, Kelly has a whole collection of festive hits to her name.

However, some of her better known tunes and biggest hits are:

  • 'Underneath The Tree'
  • 'Santa Can't You Hear Me'
  • 'Underneath the Mistletoe'
  • 'Christmas Isn't Cancelled (Just You)'
  • 'I'll Be Home For Christmas'

As it stands, Kelly hasn't actually had a number one but 'Underneath The Tree' is her most successful hit. Released in 2013, it peaked in the charts at No.12 in 2021.

Kelly Clarkson and team turn on NYC Christmas lights

Does Kelly Clarkson have a Christmas album?

A true lover of Christmas, Kelly actually has two festive albums!

They are 'Wrapped Up in Red' which she released in 2013 and 'When Christmas Comes Around...' released in 2021.

Has Kelly Clarkson written any Christmas songs?

A true talent, Kelly has of course put pen to paper and wrote some of her own Christmas music.

'Merry Christmas (To the One I Used to Know)' is a song she wrote amid her divorce to ex-husband Brandon Blackstock.

On her Christmas special in 2021, she said: "The whole divorce thing happened and I needed to write it. And then I didn’t know if I was going to release it, because you can be very angry in that state of mind."

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