Fans Are Convinced Taylor Swift Just Teased Her New ‘TS7’ Album With This Cryptic Clue

23 October 2018, 11:22

Fans think Taylor Swift is hinting at her new album in this photo.
Fans think Taylor Swift is hinting at her new album in this photo. Picture: Instagram

Taylor Swift is well known for hiding clues in plain sight, and fans think she’s already teasing her next album.

Taylor Swift could be releasing her next album sooner rather than later if this fan theory is to be believed after fans spotted potential clues in her latest Instagram post.

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At first glance, the photos TayTay posted of her playing Scrabble with her mum seem innocent enough…

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Let the games BEGIN.

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…but one fan managed to work out that the total of all the points on the Scrabble tiles adds up to seven, and her next album will be her seventh album. See?!

Taylor also captioned the picture with some lyrics from her ‘Ready For It’ from last album, “Let the games BEGIN”, hinting that her new era of music could be about to start.

It wouldn’t be the first time Taylor has left a trail of cryptic clues for her fans to decipher, and she loves to hide little messages that would only make sense to her fans in her photos, such as every screenshot of a song she is listening to being paused at 13 seconds, as 13 is her favourite number.

We are so here for new Taylor Swift music… we’ll be keeping an eye on any more clues she might be dropping soon!

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