Taylor Swift Surprises 11-Year-Old Fan With Care Package For Giving Back To Postal Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic

14 May 2020, 10:06

Taylor Swift sent her fan a surprise in the post
Taylor Swift sent her fan a surprise in the post. Picture: PA/Twitter

Taylor Swift sent a package to her fan, aged 11, in the post, after the young girl had been sent a touching letter to her postman, thanking him for his service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taylor Swift has given a young fan the surprise of a lifetime after she sent a care package to the 11-year-old girl, who had been giving back to postal workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Emerson Weber, who’s from South Dakota in the US, had sent a heartfelt letter to her postman, thanking him for his service which allows her to 'stay in touch’ with her friends and after the carrier, Doug, showed his boss, she started receiving loads of letters from postal workers who were appreciative of her kind act.

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Emerson, who is a huge Swiftie, was taken by surprise when one package in the post seemed to be none other than her idol - the ‘Lover’ singer, and the fan’s dad, Hugh, took to Twitter to share the incredible gift.

In the thread, he explained what the Cats actress had sent to his daughter, while filling the tweets with Taylor’s lyrics as puns.

He shared the hand-painted letter with ‘Emerson’ written on it, and penned: “The past couple days have been beyond our wildest dreams, but today was a fairytale. I’m not sure I can fully capture what we just experienced, but I’ll do my best…ready for it? #sincerelyemerson.”

"This afternoon, we received two packages in the daily mail. One a bundle of letters from postal workers around the country. The other box was oversized and covered in 'Please Handle With Care. Thank You.' stickers.

"I’ll be honest. We didn’t think too much about it. There have been so many letters this week that the most unlikely scenario didn’t even occur to us. I cut the box open while we sorted through some other mail. And, then Em pulled back the packing materials to reveal a bubble wrapped gift. On it, we saw a tag that simply said, 'To Em. From Tay.' Talk about breathless.

"I’ll admit. Our brains broke for a minute. We put the gift and the packaging back in the box. And, waited an hour. No joke. Sometimes, you need to calm down. After a deep breath, we all sat down on the living room floor and opened the box. Let’s pause for a second here…"

Sharing a picture of the carefully put-together package, he continued: "One thing Em has said over & over this week is 'this isn’t a girl writes a letter story, it’s an anyone can write a letter story.' And, she’s right. We can all take small steps with a big impact. But, she’s also wrong … when the woman writing the letter is @TaylorSwift13.”

Hugh then went on to share a video of his daughter smelling the package while describing it as 'smelling of perfume’, before opening it to show an envelope which was ‘hand-painted with gems and a wax seal’.

Taylor had written in the letter that she was 'touched, honoured and happy’ to hear about Emerson mentioning her and her music in the letters she sent, but she ‘found it more important that she writes letters to people who don’t expect a thank you’.

Seeing Emerson’s story as ‘an innate sense of empathy, curiosity about the feelings of strangers, and the drive to brighten someone’s day’, she sent her fan her very own wax seal stamp with Tay's signature '13’ stamp on it as well as a ‘Lover’ sweatshirt.

Taylor added: "I hope you’re feeling good during isolation & not too lonely. Make sure to find time to create & daydream. And remember, no one expects you to be perfect...you’ve already set a really cool example and I’m proud of you. :) [sic],” and we cannot get over how adorable this is!

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