Taylor Swift's Joke About Her 'Slappable Face' In Miss Americana Documentary Breaks Fans' Hearts: 'I Can't Stop Thinking About It'

3 February 2020, 16:54

Taylor Swift claims she 'has a mean face sometimes'
Taylor Swift claims she 'has a mean face sometimes'. Picture: Netflix

Taylor Swift criticised her face while filming her music video for ‘Me!’, claiming she looked “slappable” in the first take.

Miss Americana gave fans an intimate insight into Taylor Swift’s life away from the spotlight, including her relationship with Joe Alwyn, her songwriting techniques, and how she’s been affected by people’s cruel comments about her.

Fans are now loving the pop star more than ever before, with people who were never Swifties announcing a new-found respect for Taylor after seeing how she deals with what she’s been through.

Taylor Swift Responds To Comedian's Apology After Her Body Shaming Comments Featured In Miss Americana

There are also some very relatable moments in the Netflix documentary, including a harsh criticism of herself while she and Brendon Urie filmed the music video for ‘Me!’.

After the first take of one scene, Taylor watched the clip back with the director and accused herself of having “a mean face sometimes”.

She said: “I need to work on my face. I look like I have a mean face sometimes, when I’m not trying to, do you know what I mean?

“I have a really slappable face, you just want to be like ‘what are you plotting?’ ‘What’s she planning?’ I’m not meaning to look like that.”

Shocked at her comments, director Dave Meyers interjected: “Slappable? Ouch!” before adding: “You’re confident and strong, it’s the correct one.”

But Taylor insisted: “I’m gonna try and be more likeable in the next one.”

Fans were shocked to see Taylor call her own face “slappable”, with many upset to see the star speak about herself in such a way, while others said they related.

Miss Americana had Swifties falling even more in love with the superstar as they saw a more emotional and raw side to her.

As well as a behind-the-scenes look at her songwriting, we also saw her share her battle with the shocking opinions she once had of her body.

Fans also learned how her feud with Kanye West really took its toll on her mental health, and how she had to re-invent herself multiple times to get where she is today.

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