The Huge Clue Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Tour Is Headed To Glastonbury 2020

19 September 2019, 12:45 | Updated: 19 September 2019, 12:46

There's a pretty big clue Taylor will be playing Glastonbury 2020
There's a pretty big clue Taylor will be playing Glastonbury 2020. Picture: PA/ Glastonbury Fetsival

After Taylor Swift announced 'UK dates to come' for her Lover tour, everyone's minds went to the same festival.... Glastonbury.

Taylor Swift's announced dates for her Lover tour- and promised that UK dates will be announced in due course, and as she'll be hitting the stage of European festivals, everyone is wondering the same thing, is Taylor about to play Glastonbury 2020?!

Is Taylor Swift Really Touring 'Lover' Next Summer As She'll Have Re-Recorded Her Masters By Then?

Fans have scrutinised the current dates she's announced and noticed there's a gap in shows on the exact weekend of Glastonbury in June, which seems more than a little suspicious.

One person explained: "Glastonbury is on 24th-28th June. Taylor Swift has a gap from 27-30th June and says she wants to play festivals. I seriously wonder if she is booked for the Sunday."

As well as having never played the iconic music festival before, she's specifically said she wants to perform the album in her own special way that fits the vibe of the album... 'open fields and sunsets and SUMMER', and if that's not a perfect description of Glasto, we don't know what is.

She's one of the biggest stars on the planet, and next year's Glastonbury is no ordinary event- it's the 50th anniversary of the festival starting, so obviously, it's going to have some huge surprises up its sleeve.

Other names rumoured to be on the bill include Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, The 1975 and Foals.

Fans' opinions are divided over the idea of her only UK performance being at the festival, where tickets are notoriously difficult to bag and wanting her to do a normal tour, but others can't contain their excitement at the prospect.

So far she's announced European dates- some established festivals, and some that she's is cooking up from scratch, in Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Poland, France and Portugal across June and July, so she'll definitely be within reach of the Somerset based festival over the period.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves for now, but it does seem like all clues point to Glasto!

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