Here's how Taylor Swift dives and "swims" across the stage on the The Eras Tour

22 March 2023, 15:59

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How does Taylor Swift "swim" under the stage on The Eras Tour? Here's how she likely pulls off that incredible transition on stage.

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I don't know about you, but I can't stop watching all those videos of Taylor Swift diving into the stage on The Eras Tour.

Taylor's Eras Tour kicked off on March 17th with an incredible 44-song setlist and some of the most impressive staging and production that we've ever seen on a Taylor Swift tour.

One of those moments that fans can't stop speaking about happens just before Taylor begins to perform the final Midnights section of the show. If you've seen the countless videos shared by fans, you'll know the exact moment we're talking about. Yep, it's the moment when Taylor dives into the stage and "swims" under it.

The incredible tour transition has now gone viral on TikTok with many fans wondering exactly how she manages to pull it off. Based on videos from the show, and what Taylor has previously shared about the behind-the-scenes logistics of her Reputation Stadium Tour, here's how it likely works.

How does Taylor Swift "swim" under the stage on The Eras Tour?

Taylor Swift&squot;s "stage dive" has gone viral on TikTok
Taylor Swift's "stage dive" has gone viral on TikTok and fans are wondering how she pulls it off. Picture: John Shearer/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management, @TSwiftNZ via Twitter

After singing her acoustic surprise songs at the end of the catwalk, Taylor slowly walks to an opening in the stage and dives underneath. Literally. She literally goes headfirst, fearless.

After she disappears into the stage, the screens on the catwalk, which are changed to look like the ocean, then show a video of Taylor swimming back to the main stage. Once she reaches the end, Taylor emerges out of the waves and begins to climb a ladder that leads to a cloud where she starts the final Midnights section of the show.

It's easily one of the most spectacular moments of the entire concert. And if the TikTok videos are anything to go by, it's probably even more mesmerising in person, too.

The exact logistics of how Taylor gets from the end of the catwalk to the main stage haven't been revealed just yet, but based on the behind-the-scenes glimpses of her previous tours, we kind of have an idea of how it probably works.

Captured by fans who were sat higher up and in the middle of the stadium, you can see that there's a light system in place around the edge of the opening that lets Taylor know when it's safe to dive.

The light flashes green and Taylor jumps into the hole, presumably landing on to big crash mat or dropping into a foam pit. (Again, the exact details of that part of the transition have not been confirmed yet.) She then pops back up in the middle of the stage just over one minute later, in a different costume, ready to perform 'Lavender Haze'.

Fans are now assuming that she uses the same Rocket Sled technique that she used for the Reputation Stadium Tour.

Back in 2018, Taylor showed the under-stage Rocket Sled off to fans on Instagram, which allows her to whizz from stage to stage within seconds and have time to change costume before jumping back on stage.

Another fun detail about the "swimming" moment? The animation of Taylor swimming also changes each night based on what colour dress she's wearing when she dives into the pit. On night one, she wore red, and on night two, she wore green.

Of course, we'll have to wait for Taylor to give us an official behind-the-scenes glimpse of the moment to know how she actually pulls it off, and whether the iconic Rocket Sled is back for another tour.

Until then, we'll be rewatching the moment over and over again on TikTok.

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