Shawn Mendes Pretends Not To Understand Twitter Slang To 'Bug Fans'

4 October 2018, 13:51

Shawn Mendes pretended not to understand the slang term 'wig' On Instagram, but the 'Lost In Japan' star was trolling us the whole time!

Shawn Mendes fans, like all of stan Twitter, love to use plenty of slang words when discussing their favourtie stars and many people claimed the 20-year-old didn't actually understand what people were talking about, however he was tricking people all along

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During an Instagram live recently, a fan commented 'your hair looks good today. wig.' and Shawn hilariously replied, "It's not a wig", convincing people he had no understanding of the slang fans use.

However, as you can see in the video above, Shaw later admitted that he was trolling everyone all along and likes to play tricks on his fans!

When one fan later asked, 'Do you understand stan Twitter slang?', Shawn revealed, "I do understand stan Twitter slang, I just choose to pretend like I don't to bug you guys."

So when you're telling the 'Lost In Japan' star that he's snatched your wig or that he needs to spill the tea, Shawn does know what you're going on about - he's just a massive troll!

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