Shawn Mendes Just Proved He's The Number One Justin Bieber Fanboy

1 June 2018, 11:40

Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber

We'll just gloss over the time Biebs didn't know who Shawn was…

When Shawn Mendes was first breaking onto the music scene, one popular comparison was Justin Bieber, but the fellow Canadian has revealed that he actually loves being compared to his idol.

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Speaking to Rolling Stone, Shawn revealed that rather than be annoyed by the comparison, he considers Justin one of his musical inspirations. He revealed, “One thing people may not know about me is how much I look up to Bieber. I don’t think I’ve ever truly told him he was my main inspiration for what I wanted to do.

“I learned every one of his songs by heart. He taught me how to riff and sing. So every time someone asks me about Bieber, I always say, ‘That’s the biggest compliment you could give me’.”

Fans of both Shawn and Justin will remember the infamous time the Biebs claimed not to know who Shawn was back in 2015 (c’mon Justin, you TOTALLY knew who he was really) – so here’s hoping he’s sat up and taken notice of Mr Mendes since then! 

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