Shawn Mendes Tweeted About His Idol Ed Sheeran In 2013 And Now Has A Song Written By Him

31 May 2018, 16:29

Shawn Mendes Ed Sheeran Asset

It's crazy to think how far Shawn Mendes has come from tweeting how much he wants to meet his musical inspiration, Ed Sheeran, to having 'Fallin' All Into You' written by the man himself on his new album,

Shawn Mendes has a seriously impressive list of collaborators on his new self-titled album released earlier this month, but none are cooler than his icon-turned-songwriter-and-bestie, Ed Sheeran, who co-wrote the song 'Fallin' All In You'.

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Yup, Shawn is living out his actual dream because it turns out, he's been a serious super fan of Ed for quite some time now.

After tweeting back in 2013 saying Ed is "100% the person [he] looks up to" and that "to meet him would be the absolute best" people are freaking out that Shawn's living out his actual, real life pop fantasy, because his tweet became more than true.

Fans have revisited the old tweet to let 2013 Shawn know just how successful he has become.

The guitar strumming pair are now not only good pals, having previously joined forces before to perform together, but Shawn even got a little slice of Ed's infamous song writing skills. 

His musical stamp can be heard running throughout Shawn's track and it hasn't been missed by fans, who are seriously stanning this new musical bromance.

All in all, they're the acoustic guitar playing heroes of pop music and we can't wait to see where their musical friendship will take them in the future, because we know it will be huge.

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