Rita Ora Unveils Music Video For New Single 'Shine Ya Light' - Video

29 October 2012, 10:32 | Updated: 29 October 2012, 11:04

The 'R.I.P.' star takes fans on a tour of her birth country of Kosovo in the brand new video.

Rita Ora has unveiled her brand new music video for 'Shine Ya Light' and has hinted that a second version of the promo will also be released soon.

The 'Party & BS (How We Do)' singer returned to her birth country of Kosovo to shoot the video in the capital city of Pristina, and the video pays tribute to the country by seeing Rita exploring the city.

Rita is seen being introduced to an enthusiastic crowd as the 'Shine Ya Light' video kicks off, before performing on top of a roof, walking a husky dog through the streets while backed by a group of local children and singing on the back of a motorbike.

The video culminates in a huge Rita Ora concert where the 'R.I.P.' star belts out the song's final chorus from on top of giant letters spelling out the world 'NEW'.

Check out a picture of Rita Ora in the video for 'Shine Ya Light' below:

RIta Ora's 'Shine Ya Light' Music Video

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN VERSION 1 OF SHINE YA LIGHT OFFRICIAL MUSIC VIDEO," Rita posted last night (28th October), confirming a second cut of the video will be coming in the future.

View a picture of Rita from her new video below:

RIta Ora's 'Shine Ya Light' Music Video

'Shine Ya Light' follows both 'Party & BS (How We Do)' and 'R.I.P.' as single releases from Rita's debut record 'ORA', which dropped earlier this year.

Rita Ora is scheduled to perform live at the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) in Frankfurt on 11th November.

Check out the newly unveiled music video for Rita Ora's new single 'Shine Ya Light' below: