Rita Ora’s New Album Is “Coming In November” As She Reveals She Recorded It In London

15 September 2015, 09:23 | Updated: 6 December 2018, 09:38

rita ora

The 'Poison' star gets frank about her new record and the message of her music - and she's teased the release date too!

Rita Ora has opened up about deciding to record her new album in London… and fans will apparently be able to get their hands on it from November worldwide!

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The star has been working away on her second record for some time now, arriving with ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ last summer and dropping ‘Poison’ earlier this year, and Rita says she made sure to record in the UK’s Capital to stay true to her roots.

“I’m very proud of where I’m at in the moment,” Rita told Billboard. “I recorded it all in London because I wanted to keep my roots from where I grew up and I sat down and [had] a brainstorm to make sure my message comes across.

According to Billboard's sources, Rita confirmed that the album will be available worldwide in November as she performed her sold-out show in New York with Miguel last night. 

Rita is said to have confirmed the news to fans during the show, and she later Tweeted a snap of herself from the performance. 

As well as confirming she has worked with Major Lazer on the record, Rita also says this next record is a lot more mature than her 2012 debut ‘Ora’, and shows she has a lot more to say with her new music.

"I was 18 when I did my first album, I’m 24 now,” Rita explained. “I was a fan of music before and I really enjoyed being in the studio and making music about partying, but I wasn’t ready to offer my own interpretation or creative vision of music. I feel I have to contribute something now."

Jess Glynne previously revealed she has written some songs for Rita Ora which may appear on the singer’s next album. She told the Daily Star, “I’ve spoken to Rita a few times and she’s asked me to collaborate. So I’ve done some stuff for her, she’s had my songs sent to her to work on and yeah, I’m up for it.”

After dropping her Chris Brown featuring hit ‘Body On Me’ this summer, fans are now just waiting with bated breath for official confirmation of the album’s release date. Bring it on, Rita Ora!

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