WATCH: Little Mix Sing Backwards... It's The Turn Of The Ladies!

1 June 2015, 16:15

We've seen One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer and The Vamps do it but can the ladies of Little Mix sing backwards better? We find out.

Ever tried to sing a Little Mix hit backwards? Well if, like us, you have then you'll KNOW it's not at all easy.

Have a go at home and you'll realise it's JUST as hard as it looks: "ɘvol ni llɒʇ uoy ɘʞɒm ll'I ,noiƚoq ƚɘɿɔɘƨ ym ʇo qiƨ ɒ ɘʞɒt".

>> Stop What You're Doing Because One Direction Sing... Backwards!

So because we love them (and had a way too much free time on our hands) we've gone and created this video of Little Mix ladies, Jade, Perrie, Leigh Anne and Jesy singing, backwards!

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