Leigh-Anne Proved She’s A TOTAL Trooper Turning Up To Perform After Suffering Burns!

31 March 2017, 15:35

Little Mix Leigh-Anne's Burnt Legs

Little Mix did part of their set as a three-piece after Leigh’s accident.

Little Mix are nothing short of total pros – and Leigh-Anne Pinnock proved even suffering some nasty burns on her legs wouldn’t stop her performing!

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The band had to do most of their set at the Californian date supporting Ariana Grande on her Dangerous Woman Tour as a three-piece after Leigh suffered burns to both of her thighs.

However, she couldn’t let her fans and bandmates down, and Leigh-Anne made sure to pop out for one song with the rest of Little Mix, though the bandages were clearly visible on her legs.

It’s not known how Leigh-Anne ended up injuring herself but the fact she still performed part of the show proves she’s a serious trooper – we hope you’re feeling better soon, Leigh! 

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