WATCH: From Waking Up In Last Night's Clothes To Nip Slips, Little Mix Confess Their Darkest Secrets!

4 December 2016, 19:47

Little Mix with Dave Berry, George and Lilah

As if you needed ANOTHER reason to love them...

Our #CapitalJBB ball pool has become somewhat of a talking point at The O2. Louisa Johnson even demanded to Roman that she got in it for her interview... Much to Dave Berry, George and Lilah's disgust.

So we knew we had to get the world's biggest girlband, Little Mix in there with us. We didn't know quite what they'd say though.

> Little Mix Put On The Sassiest #CapitalJBB Set Of All Time & We Couldn't Get Enough

First, Perrie confessed the last time she woke up in last night's clothes... Sort of. Although, by Jesy's tone of voice, we think there's something that Ms Edwards isn't telling us. Because beads of sweat trickling down your face definitely shouts "INNOCENT".

Leigh-Anne then told us that she's pretty chill in a relationship... Until she let slip that she is, in fact, a bit of a jealous type.

But then... Jade said something SO much that we had to censor it. We'll let your dirty, dirty minds figure out quite what she said there.

And if that wasn't quite enough, Jade then insisted on emptying the whole pool in a flash of rage and fury. We're still slightly shaken by it ourselves.

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