Justin Bieber Feeling "Fine" After Hitting Head During Paris Live Show

1 June 2012, 13:39

The 'Boyfriend' star says he is ready to continue with his promo tour despite a minor injury yesterday.

Justin Bieber says he is feeling fine after a backstage accident at his concert in Paris which saw him hitting hit head on a pane of glass.

The 'Boyfriend' singer arrived in the French capital yesterday (31st June) as part of his 'All Around The World' promotional tour for new album 'Believe', and revealed to TMZ that he suffered a minor concussion during the performance but is able to laugh about the unfortunate accident.

"I was performing and I was going offstage and, basically I'm in Paris and performing on the tallest building in Paris, and there's a glass wall behind be, but there's a railing behind the glass," Justin explained after the incident. "So I went to reach for the railing and I hit my head on the glass. 

The 'Never Say Never' singer recalled feeling a bit light-headed after the accident but felt well enough to continue the set, although he admits feeling faint after the concert and having to see a doctor. 

Justin was told he had a mild concussion and told to rest, but has promised fans he will be "back at it again" today to continue his vist to Paris. 

"Thanks for the love but there are a lot of people out there who needs prayers. I'm fine," Justin tweeted after the incident. "Just smacked my head and needed some water. all good.

"The fact that you all knew what happened before my mom even did is impressive lol. I have amazing fans. very grateful for you love," he added. "Gonna eat, rest, get some sleep and tomorrow I'm back at it. the show must go on! Love y'all. We got this."

View a picture of Justin Bieber arriving into Paris yesterday below (Credit: Goff Pictures):

Earlier today Justin also tweeted about another secret performance in the French city, teasing the gig location to his fans online.

He posted: "About to head over to 20-22, rue des Fosses Saint-Jacques here in PARIS! who is coming to sing with me and #WithDanKanter."

Justin is currently promoting his brand new album 'Believe', which is due out on 18th June, and will take to the stage next weekend at the Capital FM Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium (9th June).