Justin Bieber Was "Awesome", Says 'Boyfriend' Music Video Female Co-Star

9 May 2012, 11:16 | Updated: 9 May 2012, 11:21

The 'Baby' star was "really professional" on set admits Rachel Barnes.

Justin Bieber has been described as "awesome" and "cool" by the female co-star of his 'Boyfriend' music video, Rachel Barnes.

The married actress told Access Hollywood that she had an amazing time on the set and was pleased to be a part of something "amazing".

"He was awesome," she confessed. "It's just so cool to be part of something this amazing. It's just been such a fun ride. I'm enjoying every second of it."

The 13-hour shoot was a great experience for the singer who admitted the scene was like a "giant party".

She added: "Who wouldn't be excited to hang out on a music video set all day with Justin Bieber? It's like all these dancers [were there and] it was just like a giant party on set.

"There [were] tons of extras and dancing, and we're listening to 'Boyfriend' all day, which I happen to love the song. So it was just bonus after bonus.

" [Justin] was so cool. It was a 13 hour shoot, so not much time for play. It was definitely a lot of work, and he was totally professional. He's got some moves – he's a good dancer."

Rachel also revealed that the Canadian star's girlfriend Selena Gomez stopped by, and the fact she is also married made things easier on set.

"It was really professional, really professional," she admitted. "He has a girlfriend and I'm married, so I think that kind of made us comfortable enough to do what we had to do. But it was just more of a good time.

"She showed up. She was super nice, too. She was having a great time… tons of music and dancing. It was hard not to have a good time," she continued.

She also added that the fans have been fantastic and she hasn't faced any backlash from jealous followers.

She added: "I think the fact that I'm married… I'm no longer a threat. "I am taken. I am not after Justin Bieber. So, the fans have actually been great. They've accepted me and been really nice."

The video has already proved to be hugely successful after it smashed the YouTube record for most plays in 24 hours and currently stands  at 23 million views.

Meanwhile, Justin will be among the stars ready to descend upon Wembley Stadium this summer for the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012.