A Woman’s Been Arrested For Breaking Into Justin Bieber’s Hotel Room While Drunk

27 March 2019, 14:34

A woman was arrested for breaking in to Justin Bieber's hotel room.
A woman was arrested for breaking in to Justin Bieber's hotel room. Picture: Getty

The woman was arrested in California for trespassing when she ended up in Justin Bieber’s hotel room.

A woman has been arrested for breaking in to Justin Bieber’s hotel room this week, while the ‘Purpose’ star was inside.

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According to TMZ, the woman was arrested for trespassing at the luxury hotel in Laguna Beach, California but claimed she had simply wandered into the wrong room by mistake.

Justin was apparently in the room at the time but wasn’t panicked by the intruder, telling her to get out before his security stepped in to hold the woman until police came.

According to sources, the woman had been partying and roaming around the hotel corridors earlier in the day and had already been escorted off the property by security.

The woman was aged in her late 30s and ‘appeared to be drunk’, and had been visiting some friends who were staying at the hotel in a room close to Justin’s.

The singer has recently purchased a home for himself and wife Hailey Baldwin for $8.5million in Hollywood, but has often lived in hotels while he has been between rentals.

Justin has also recently revealed to fans that he will be taking a break from music in order to focus on his battle with depression, having toured almost non-stop since he was a teenager.

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