Justin Bieber Got Roped Into Doing Push Ups For Fans After His Car Broke Down

6 November 2018, 13:51 | Updated: 9 November 2018, 12:20

When Justin Bieber's very expensive car broke down whilst driving through a neighbourhood, he quickly made BFF's with everyone, stopping off to sing for them, strangely do a bunch of push ups, and then proceed to play a game of basketball with them, what a legend.

It seems Justin Bieber spends all his time either in a car, or doing random activities and being hounded by fans, so this latest video of the 'Sorry' singer has proved once again he's the chillest guy around when he broke down in his pretty expensive car, and started doing press ups for fans, just because.

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Justin to pass the time by making BFF's with all of them and provided an afternoon of entertainment including singing for them and even playing basketball!

Apart from a few questions about just why such an expensive car is breaking down, we cannot stop laughing at the clip of Justin hitting the ground to do some serious push ups whilst people around him count how many he's done. So pure. So innocent.

The guy who filmed the Biebs turning into Mr. Muscles said that he Justin is truly good person, which is kind of cute, but he probably should be saying that after the star went out of his way to fulfil all of the fans' demands!

However, some people on Twitter claimed the 'Sorry' singer didn't actually break down and it was a 'set up PR stunt' to make money for a church he supports.

Other's have pointed out the star was always going on a scheduled visit to a church community centre, which is why he was in a the neighbourhood at the time of his breakdown.

Either way, Justin's proved again he's an entertainer, and can do a whole lot more than just sing!

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