Inside Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande's Ten Year Friendship From Teen Stars To Coachella

21 February 2020, 16:20

Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber's musical friendship spans ten years
Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber's musical friendship spans ten years. Picture: Getty Images

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande have known each other and shared a special relationship since starting their musical careers, and in 2019, Ari even helped the 'Sorry' singer regain his confidence on stage during Coachella.

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande have a seriously special relationship that spans a whole decade, from the very start of their musical journeys to stardom and in 2020, it couldn't be stronger.

With Ari inviting Justin onto the Coachella stage during her headline set in 2019, the 'Intentions' singer he was given a new energy and enthusiasm to get back out there and do what he does best- perform for his millions of fans!

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2019- Coachella

2019 Getty Entertainment - Social Ready Content
2019 Getty Entertainment - Social Ready Content. Picture: Getty

After burning out on his Purpose World Tour, which caused him to cancel a few remaining dates, Justin took a break from performing and making new music to relax, finding a wife in Hailey Baldwin, and by the time Coachella 2019 came around with Ariana Grande headlining, he was ready to get back up on stage for the first time.

Admitting they didn't rehearse or prepare for the 'Intentions' singer to join her on stage, it was a seriously special moment the crowd weren't expecting and Justin's confessed it was hugely instrumental in getting him back on stage.

He told the crowd: "I had to get my groove back, I had to get my swag back, you know what I'm saying?"

"Thank you so much Coachella, thank you Ariana Grande."

Since then, he's gone on to create and release 'Changes', his fifth album, and looking back at the past year, he thanked Ari for giving him the boost he needed on Twitter.

Ari replied to him: "Circling back. Your fans, friends and the world is thrilled to have you back. Everyone was so happy to see u smile like that."

"No one will ever understand how it feels to be u, but it's not their job to. Take care. Make music. U are loved. P.s. everyone in that video will b streaming."


Justin Bieber thanks Ariana Grande for sharing the Coachella stage with him
Justin Bieber thanks Ariana Grande for sharing the Coachella stage with him. Picture: Twiiter @justinbieber

2016- performing together

Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande - As Long as You Love Me (Live)

Ari stepped out with Justin on his world tour in 2016 to perform, and the pair appeared pretty cozy, although there was nothing going on, and the pop star duo, who are both under the management of Scooter Braun, belted out one of Justin' biggest hits 'As Long As You Love Me.'

They look like such babies here!


2014 wasn't the best year for the Biebs, getting arrested for 'drag racing' and driving under the influence at the age of 19, and was accused of causing a nuisance, including egging, his neighbour, and although the whole world was looking at the singer, Ari defended the star 100%.

The singer told Boston radio station Mix 104.1: "It’s gotten to a point where I just want him to be okay. It’s this very serious thing. It’s not just like a kid who’s, you know screwing around, it’s dangerous. It’s very serious and upsetting."

"He is the most visible, yet most isolated human being I’ve ever met...I just want him to be okay, that’s all. I just think it’s a serious thing. And I don’t think it’s something to make fun of anymore. I don’t think it’s funny anymore."


Variety's 4th Annual Power Of Youth Event - Arrivals
Variety's 4th Annual Power Of Youth Event - Arrivals. Picture: Getty

This is the earliest recorded photo of the pair at event together in 2010, Variety's 4th Annual Power Of Youth Event, and we don't know about you, but we're getting all emotional remembering when these guys were just starting out in their careers, mostly because we feel old AF.

Ariana was still starring in Nickelodeon's Victorious, rocking Cat's trademark red hair, and gushing over meeting celebs like Mark Wahlberg on the red carpet- if only she knew she'd become one of the world's biggest pop stars of all time!

Justin, on the other hand, was in the clutch of teenage fame, with his own floppy, trademark hair making girls all over the planet swoon- and they look like BFFs even back then!

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