Demi Lovato Says She’s ‘Open’ To Having Children With A Woman One Day

21 April 2020, 12:14 | Updated: 21 April 2020, 14:58

Demi has opened up about the possibility of having children with a woman.
Demi has opened up about the possibility of having children with a woman. Picture: instagram

Demi Lovato says she’s ‘open’ to having children with a woman.

Demi Lovato has revealed she’s open to raising kids with a female partner in the future.

The ‘I’m Ready’ singer got candid about the prospect of having children during an interview with Harper Bazaar.

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She told the publication that although she doesn’t know what her future will look like, she’s ‘open to anything’.

She said: “When I imagine my life in the future, I don't say, 'I'm looking for a man who I want to have two or three kids with.

“I think it could be so much fun to share children with a woman. … So I don't know what my future will look like, and I'm open to anything.”

Demi has always been very open about her sexuality and described herself as ‘sexually fluid’ in the past.

Earlier this year, she opened up about the ‘emotional’ moment she came out to her parents whilst talking to Andy Cohen on SiriusXM.

“I didn't officially tell my parents that I saw myself ending up with, possibly a woman, until 2017... it was actually emotional but really beautiful.

"After everything was done I was like shaking and crying and I felt overwhelmed but I have such incredible parents they were so supportive my Dad was like, 'obviously...hello, Cool For The Summer?!'"

"My mum was the one I was super nervous about but she was just like 'I just want you to be happy' which was so beautiful and amazing and I'm so grateful."

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