Ariana Grande Faces Another Lawsuit For Allegedly 'Taking' '7 Rings' From Rapper

17 January 2020, 12:15

Ariana Grande sued for '7 Rings' lyrics by rapper
Ariana Grande sued for '7 Rings' lyrics by rapper. Picture: YouTube Ariana Grande VEVO

Ariana Grande has been hit with a copyright lawsuit over '7 Rings' for allegedly 'lifting' key elements from another artist.

Ariana Grande has been hit with a lawsuit for her GRAMMY nominated hit, '7 Rings' by rapper DOT, who alleges her collaborator, Tommy Brown (tbhits) lifted 'key elements' from his own song, including the lyrics and rhythm, and gave them to the singer.

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New York based rapper, Josh Stone, AKA DOT, is seeking compensation from the hit that made a reported $10 million, asserting he wrote and recorded 'You Need It I Got It' in 2017 and showed it to Tommy Brown, in court documents obtained by Variety.

Where as Ariana's song included lyrics "I Want It, I Got It. I Want It, I Got It" and "I See It, I Like It, I Want It, I Got It', DOT argues it's an almost identical copy of it his, 'You Need It, I Got It. You Want It, I Got It.'

The rapper has even enlisted the help of music specialists to analyse the two tracks, who found 'substantial similarities'.

This isn't the first time Ari has found herself in hot water over the tune, having used 2 Chainz's pink trap house as inspiration for the music video and a similar flow to his 2011 track 'Spend It', the lyrics of which include 'It's mine/I spend it."

The two hashed things out, found common ground, and even released a song together 'Rule The World', so everything ended amicably, but the 'Boyfriend' singer hasn't been so fortunate this time around.

She isn't having the best luck legally lately, as she's also been slapped with another lawsuit by a paparazzi for sharing images of herself he took to her Instagram page.

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